This Grizzly and Grey Wolf Take a Synchronized Poop in the Middle of a Tense Standoff

Animal encounters can be pretty weird but this has got to be up there with the most bizarre we have seen. Nature is full of alphas – vying for dominance, trying to establish that they are the boss.

This is what appears to be happening in this standoff between a wolf and grizzly. We learn from the video notes that this fight is all about food. Apparently, there is a carcass in the river and these guys are on the riverbank fighting about it. 

Food Fight on the River Bank

As we join the vid, the bear is acting pretty laid back, but the wolf is displaying classic aggressive body language with pulled-back lips and bared teeth. Yet, as soon as the bear makes a move, the wolf jumps backward.

The grizzly moves around, using its bulk to block access to the river and eventually lunging at the wolf in an attempt to chase them away. The wolf comes back with bared teeth but in a bizarre turn of events, the bear calls a halt to the proceedings to have a poop!

Just when you thought things couldn’t get weirder, the wolf decides that they need one too and takes a poop right next to the bear. The footage of these two alpha rivals taking a synchronized poop whilst facing away from each is simply hilarious.

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