Types of Hunting Dog Breeds

Dogs have been helping humans hunt and living as members of their community for at least 14,000 years.

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From pointers and gun dogs to hounds and terriers, here’s everything you need to know about the different types of hunting dog breeds in the world.

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Terriers: For Hunting Small Game

As hunting dogs conditioned to go to ground after burrowing prey, they have an inherent compulsion to dig.


Retrievers: For Bringing Back Game

Retrievers fall into the category of “gun dogs” — types of bird dogs from breeds that developed from the specific needs of hunters using firearms.


Pointers: For Spotting Prey

Pointers would work in unison with greyhounds — the former spotting and pointing out hares and other small game that the greyhound could then chase down.


Sighthounds: For Tracking Prey

Most sighthounds operate similarly to most predators in the wild — tracking and stalking prey until they can overpower and disable them.


Scent Hounds: For Tracking Prey

Just like their counterparts in the sighthound category, scent hounds are capable of identifying, tracking, killing, and retrieving their prey all on their own.


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