Vole vs. Mole: The Key Differences

The names rhyme and their similar behavior can lead to serious property damage. At the end of the day, voles and moles are actually quite different creatures.

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It’s a good idea to have an understanding of these two animals and their behavior to detect their presence.

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Vole vs Mole: They Are Not of the Same Species

Voles are rodents and moles are not. Voles are members of the Mammalia class, the Rodentia order, and the Cricetidae family.

Vole vs Mole: Diet

Voles stick to plant life, while the predatory moles are in the market for grubs, insects, and worms.

Vole vs Mole: Unique Work

Moles are probably in the vicinity if there are furrows of soil on your property. Voles eat plants but do not burrow like the underground mole. 

Vole vs Mole: Distinct Appearances

Voles are often mistaken for house mice. But the vole has a shorter tail. Moles have tails as long as their bodies. 


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