What are Rhino Horns Made of & the Largest Rhino Horn Ever!

So, what are these giant horns made of? What other animals have horns? What is the difference between horns, antlers and tusks? What rhino species has the biggest horns? Let’s find out!


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What's the difference between horns, antlers, and tusks?

So, what is the difference between all these head protrusions?! Horns are permanent (they are not shed), are typically found on males and females, and have a boney core with a coating of keratin. Because they grow from the skin at the base they can regrow if an animal loses one.

So, what about Rhino horns, what are they made of?

Rhinos do have horns, not antlers or tusks. But their horns are not boney on the inside. The entire horn is made of tightly woven keratin (the same protein our fingernails and hair are made of). Both male and female rhinos have horns and they are permanent. If a rhino loses a horn it will grow back, which usually takes around 3 years.

How long is the longest rhino horn on record?

According to the International Rhino Foundation, the longest rhino horn recorded was 59 inches long (an inch short of 5 feet)! This was from a white rhino in South Africa. It was reported stolen from its owner Sir William Gordons Cummings and has yet to be found.

Why are rhino horns so valuable and why are rhinos being poached for them?

At the Hanoi airport in Vietnam, a shipment of rhino horns was confiscated and the 125kg of horns was valued at $7.5 million! That is what conservationists are up against, but sieges like these are working to send a clear message to those who still try to poach endangered rhinos.

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