What Do Bass Eat?

Today, we’ll discover just what bass eat, and how they hunt. We’ll also explore what different kinds of food bass eat, and what determines their food of choice.

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What Do Bass Eat?

Bass eat a carnivorous diet of insects, fish, crayfish, and any other creature that will fit in their mouth. The smaller the bass, the more limited their diet.

A Complete List of Foods Bass Eat

– Insects – Plankton – Fish – Other Bass – Frogs – Lizards – Snakes

– Eels – Crawdads – Sharks – Rays – Skates – Squid – Birds

What Do Baby Bass Eat?

Bass start as tiny fry, only one in ten will make it to adulthood. Since bass eat anything that fits in their mouth; the smaller the bass, the smaller the food. Small bass eat mostly insects and plankton.

How Do Bass Hunt?

When a bass spots a prey item (maybe a fish, crawdad, or even a shark), they move into position so that the creature is right in front of their mouth. Then, in a lightning fast motion, they open their mouth, creating a strong suction that literally pulls the creature into the bass’s mouth.

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