Discover What Do Lovebirds Eat?

These beautiful birds are well-known for their monogamous pairing and have inspired phrases like “a couple of lovebirds,” implying that two people are in love.

With how beautiful and social these birds are, it’s no wonder people love to refer to them in their romance and keep them as pets. Let’s look and learn: what do lovebirds eat?

What do lovebirds eat?

In the wild, these colorful birds are generally herbivores, but some species are known to include insects in their diets.

A complete list of foods lovebirds eat

– nuts – seeds – fruits – berries – vegetables

Which lovebirds can be kept as pets?

Of the nine total species of lovebird, the most commonly kept pet species are the Fischer’s lovebird, black-masked lovebird, and the peach-faced lovebird.