What Do Mud Turtles Eat?



Did you know that mud turtles can live up to 50 years? Incredible, isn’t it? However, their lifespan highly depends on their quality of life, especially their diet, which provides the body with the necessary nutrients to grow and stay healthy. Let’s see what mud turtles eat in the wild and what diet they should have as pets!

What Are Mud Turtles?

The aquatic turtle species in the Kinosternon genus are called mud turtles. They can be found in South America, the United States, Mexico, and Central America. There are 22 species and 15 subspecies of mud turtles.

What Do Mud Turtles Eat?

Most mud turtles are either carnivorous or omnivorous and eat mostly invertebrates, fish, carrion, and plant matter. Striped mud turtles eat insects, snails, fish, carrion, dried krill, plants, and algae.

A List of Foods Mud Turtles Eat

– Insects – Crabs – Shrimp – Spiders – Carrion – Worms – Fruits – Algae – Seeds – Tadpoles

What Can You Include in Your Mud Turtle’s Diet?

Omnivorous turtles need to eat lots of greens, vegetables, and fruits, alongside animal protein. If the turtle is omnivorous, it would be best if you fed it worms, fish, snails, pellets, and sometimes vegetables, fruits, and dried insects.


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