What Do Praying Mantis Eat?

Of all the orders of insects, few are as captivating or deadly as the mantises. Mantises are insects belonging to the order Mantodea, which includes around 2,400 species.

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Given their popularity and the intrigue surrounding mantises, it begs the question, “what do praying mantis eat?”

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What Do Praying Mantises Like to Eat?

Praying mantises are carnivores, meaning that they predominantly eat other animals. Generally speaking, they mostly prey on other arthropods.

How Do Praying Mantises Hunt For Food? 

In particular, mantises mostly rely on their amazing sense of sight to locate prey. Unlike most other insects, praying mantises have 5 forward-facing eyes. 

What Do Praying Mantises Eat in the Wild?

The types of food that praying mantises eat in the wild varies depending on the habitat where they live. 

What Do Pet Praying Mantises Eat?

Generally speaking, mantises prefer to eat live prey. As such, live insects are going to make up the bulk of a pet mantis’s diet.


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