Why Did Megalodon Sharks Go Extinct?



Megalodons succumbed to global cooling due to the shrinking of their habitat, the vanishing of their favorite prey, and competition from other predators 3.5 million years ago. These reasons as well as key facts on these large apex predators have been discussed in detail, here.

Could a Megalodon Still Be Alive?

There are dozens of movies about megalodon sharks, but we can assure you they are not still alive. While it is true that we have discovered less than 5% of the ocean because of how deep most of the waters are, there is no way such a giant apex predator could hide.

What Did Megalodon Sharks Eat?

Megalodon sharks were likely not picky eaters. As the apex predators of the sea, they could hunt for squid, other large sharks, and even whales. Think about it, megalodon sharks were about the same size as a bus, if not longer!

3 Theories to Explain Why Megalodon Sharks Went Extinct

1. Climate Change 2. Lack of Prey 3. Larger Packs of Predators


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