Yellow Squash vs. Butternut Squash: What’s the Difference?



Before discussing the key differences between yellow squash and butternut squash, let’s see how we can distinguish between summer squash and winter squash.

Summer Squash vs. Winter Squash: Squash Variants

Summer Squash:  – Yellow squash, also called straightneck squash – Crookneck squash – Pattypan squash – Cousa squash – Tromboncino Winter Squash:  – Butternut squash – Acorn squash – Carnival or Dumpling squash – Delicata squash – Spaghetti squash – Kabocha – Honeynut squash

Summer Squash vs. Winter Squash: Characteristics

Summer Squash: Soft skin, tender flesh, moist Winter Squash: Hard shell, fibery flesh, and dry

Summer Squash vs. Winter Squash: Plant

Summer Squash: Usually features a bushy growth Winter Squash: Vines

Summer Squash vs. Winter Squash: Days to Harvest

Summer Squash: 50 to 65 days; Best harvested while young Winter Squash: 60 to 110 days; Harvested in the mature stage

Yellow Squash vs. Butternut Squash: Classification

Yellow Squash: Cucurbita pepo variety Butternut Squash: Cucurbita moschata

Yellow Squash vs. Butternut Squash: Plant Description

Yellow Squash: Annual, Sprawling vine Butternut Squash: Annual, Vine with climbing tendrils

Yellow Squash vs. Butternut Squash: Origin

Yellow Squash: North America Butternut Squash: Central and South America


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