Yellowstone in March: Things to Do, Weather, and More!

Today, we will go over everything you need to know about exploring this National Park during early spring, including what you can expect in terms of weather and wildlife.

Things to Do in Yellowstone in March

Geyser viewing, wildlife viewing including bird watching, snow activities such as snow mobiles, skiing, and snowshoeing

Weather in Yellowstone in March

9 degrees Fahrenheit-36 degrees Fahrenheit, with up to 25 inches of snowfall and 12 hours of sunshine per day

Wildlife in Yellowstone in March

You can expect to see any of the following animals during your trip: Birds, bison, elk, wolves, deer, foxes, bighorn sheep, weasels

Getting to Yellowstone in March

Yellowstone closes all roads to motorized traffic besides the road between the north and northeastern entrances, so this is important to note should you plan on visiting.

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