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I have been in the writing field for more than 20 years. During my career's first half, I served as print and online journalist for various local publications. Over the latter half, my interests turned to content and freelance writing where I've covered various topics for a wide-ranging client base.

Relating to animals, I currently serve as a family assistant for a woman with two aging dogs. Raven and Cruz have intensified my love for dogs, increased my awareness of animal issues, and inspired me to devote more of my time and professional skills to promoting animal causes.

Puggle’s Lifespan Picture

Crossbred dogs often turn out to make interesting and lovable pets. In many cases, hybrid canines inherhit the best traits of their parent breeds. One such dog is the puggle.… Read More

By Matthew Emma 5 months ago

Discovering the Stygian Owl Picture

Many people consider owls intriguing creatures. Numerous cultures revere these birds. Often thought of as wise and strong, certain nations and peoples take such admiration to mythical proportions. One particularly… Read More

By Matthew Emma 5 months ago

How Smart Are Ferrets? Picture

Over time, black-footed ferrets have become trendy pets across the United States. However, many people wonder if these furry little critters known for their cuteness and bubbly personalities possess intelligence.… Read More

By Matthew Emma 6 months ago

23 Signs That You’re A Dog Person Picture

Many people love animals. However, a solid number of such individuals favor a certain type of creature. Oftentimes, dogs fit that criteria. Furthermore, dog lovers typically engage in actions expressing… Read More

By Matthew Emma 6 months ago

11 Vet Preparation Tips Picture

Few people like visiting the doctor. Often, these feelings multiply manifold when describing your dog. Man's best friend cannot understand why they are brought to a place where they get… Read More

By Matthew Emma 6 months ago

10 States with the Fewest Counties Picture

In our nation, administrative governmental divisions are first divided into 50 states. Each state is then further divided into subdivisions called counties. Though counties follow laws and regulations created at… Read More

By Matthew Emma 6 months ago

Winter Lawn Preparation Tips Picture

Few sights prove more appealing than well-kempt lawns decorating properties throughout a neighborhood. Some homeowners believe lawn care only occurs during the spring and summer months. That said, creating a… Read More

By Matthew Emma 6 months ago

Is Catnip Safe for Rabbits? Picture

Many people know that catnip impacts cats. That said, fewer people realize that the natural product is used as a food source for other animals. Is catnip safe for rabbits?… Read More

By Matthew Emma 6 months ago

Raw Diets for Dogs Picture

Many pet parents consider their dogs part of the family. Therefore, they will stop at nothing to ensure that their fur baby receives the best possible care. Few issues bear… Read More

By Matthew Emma 7 months ago

Storing Morel Mushrooms Picture

Chefs and food consumers the world over love mushrooms. Coming from the kingdom known as Fungi, these delicacies enhance various meals. One specific type favored for such purposes is called… Read More

By Matthew Emma 7 months ago

Black Mouth Cur Boxer Mix Picture

The black mouth cur and boxer dog breeds enjoy a great deal of popularity on their own. However, black mouth cur boxer mixes make interesting, lovable family pets. Learn everything… Read More

By Matthew Emma 7 months ago

Different Snake Scale Types Picture

Like all reptiles, snakes possess coverings called scales. These features play a key role in several important functions. Discover the different snake scale types and the function of each. The… Read More

By Matthew Emma 7 months ago