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Bernie the Bear's Animal of the Day

PikaToday, Bernie the Bear wants to show you the Pika.

Found in mountainous regions and rocky areas!

If you didn't get here quick enough like Simon the Snail, yesterday's featured animal was the Howler Monkey.

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Welcome to A-Z Animals, an online animal encyclopedia where you can learn about all your favourite animals, and even some you may have never heard of!

Random Animals

American Eskimo DogAmerican Eskimo Dog
Bred to be companion dogs!
Only known to science since 1992!
Bull MastiffBull Mastiff
Courageous, loyal and calm!
Pied TamarinPied Tamarin
Only found in one area of Brazil!
Can have a wingspan of up to 3 meters!
There are around 300 different species!
Estrela Mountain DogEstrela Mountain Dog
Very protective and stubborn!
One of the only mammals to lay eggs!
Cavalier King Charles SpanielCavalier King Charles Spaniel
Highly playful and affectionate!
Hammerhead SharkHammerhead Shark
Found in coastal waters around the world!
Average adults weigh about 200 grams!
Spadefoot ToadSpadefoot Toad
They spend most of their time underground!
Migrates up and down the mountains!
A calm and friendly breed!
Inhabits woodland and forest areas worldwide!
Squirrel MonkeySquirrel Monkey
Lives in groups of up to 500 individuals!
African Tree ToadAfrican Tree Toad
Found in tropical moist lowland forests!
Nests on tropical islands and cliffs!
Thought to have originated in the 1960s!
Raccoon DogRaccoon Dog
The only hibernating canine!
Thought to be a sub-species of polecat!
Lives in herds of up to 24 individuals!
Does not hibernate during the bitter Arctic winter!
Able to jump over 2 meters high!
Often used as a guard dog!
Dogue De BordeauxDogue De Bordeaux
Extremely loyal and devoted to it's master!
Border CollieBorder Collie
Highly intelligent and alert breed!
Known for their calm and peaceful nature!
Found across Australia and Papua New Guinea!
Ibizan HoundIbizan Hound
Intelligent, active and engaging by nature!
Jack RusselJack Russel
Intelligent, athletic and fearless!
Red PandaRed Panda
There are less than 3,000 left in the wild!
Arctic HareArctic Hare
Eats berries found in the snow!
Minke WhaleMinke Whale
There are two recognised species!
Sea UrchinSea Urchin
Can live for up to 200 years!
Has a long, strong prehensile tail!
Norwegian ForestNorwegian Forest
Has a long, thick double coat of fur!
Butterfly FishButterfly Fish
There are more than 100 different species!
Originally known as the Desert Rat!
Black RhinocerosBlack Rhinoceros
Horns can grow to 1.5m!

Betty the Butterfly's Blog

World Animal Day 2018 - Tiny's Story

Thu 4th October 2018 (5 comments)
World Animal Day is celebrated every year around the world on October the 4th on the day of the feast of Francis of Assisi, the patron saint of animals. The aim of the day is to bring awareness to animal species across the globe to not only highlight the plight of species in the wild, but to also improve animal welfare standards for every animal no matter how big or small.

In order to celebrate World Animal Day 2018, I would like to share with you one particular animal that is very special to me personally.

World Animal Day 2018 - Tiny's Story
World Animal Day 2018 - Tiny's Story, - Copyright Millie Bond, A-Z Animals
World Animal Day 2018 - Tiny's Story, - Copyright Millie Bond, A-Z Animals

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