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Bernie the Bear's Animal of the Day

NewfoundlandToday, Bernie the Bear wants to show you the Newfoundland.

Introduced by Vikings more than 1,000 years ago!

If you didn't get here quick enough like Simon the Snail, yesterday's featured animal was the Golden Oriole.

Welcome to A-Z Animals

Welcome to A-Z Animals, an online animal encyclopedia where you can learn about all your favourite animals, and even some you may have never heard of!

Random Animals

Have a very short tail for their size!
Chow ChowChow Chow
Loyal and affectionate to it's family!
Mountain LionMountain Lion
Has no real natural predators!
Javan RhinocerosJavan Rhinoceros
Only has a 25cm long horn!
Some species have a poisonous bite!
Only known to science since 1992!
Dogo ArgentinoDogo Argentino
Loyal and affectionate to their family!
Arctic HareArctic Hare
Eats berries found in the snow!
Tibetan MastiffTibetan Mastiff
Originally bred in the Himalayan mountains!
There are around 75 different species!
Has exceptional eyesight!
German ShepherdGerman Shepherd
Highly active and fearless dogs!
Sumatran TigerSumatran Tiger
The smallest species of tiger!
There are nearly 3,000 different species!
Sea UrchinSea Urchin
Can live for up to 200 years!
There are around 5,000 different species!
Marine ToadMarine Toad
Produces a toxin used in arrow darts!
King PenguinKing Penguin
More than 2 million breeding pairs!
Adoring, elegant and affectionate!
Stripe patterns are unique to each individual!
There are four different species!
Common LoonCommon Loon
Also known as the Great Northern Diver!
Found only in one complex of lakes!
Prefers to hunt at night than during the day!
Basking SharkBasking Shark
The second biggest fish in the world!
Glass LizardGlass Lizard
Can grow up to 4ft long!
Thought to have orignated 200,000 years ago!
Indochinese TigerIndochinese Tiger
Now thought to be extinct in China!
English ShepherdEnglish Shepherd
Highly intelligent and independent!
Named more than 1,000 years ago!
Basenji DogBasenji Dog
Alert, affectionate and energetic!
Dwarf CrocodileDwarf Crocodile
Digs burrows in river banks to rest!
Western Lowland GorillaWestern Lowland Gorilla
One of the great apes!
Red PandaRed Panda
There are less than 3,000 left in the wild!
Also known as the Asian Bearcat!
First domesticated in South-East Asia!
Able to jump over 2 meters high!
Asian Giant HornetAsian Giant Hornet
The largest wasp in the world!
Only 2,000 left in the wild!
There are only 1,500 left in the wild!

Betty the Butterfly's Blog

The Brunei River

Mon 19th February 2018 (0 comments)
Nestled amongst the Malaysian state of Sarawak in Northern Borneo lies the tiny, oil-rich sultanate of Brunei Darussalam. Run by the Sultan of Brunei, the country is rich in ecological diversity and is home to some of the rarest and most unique animal species on the planet. Despite covering an area of just over 2,200 square miles (less than 1% of Borneo's landmass), the discovery of oil in 1906 has led to the per capita income being one of the highest in world.

The Brunei River - Kampung Ayer
The Brunei River - Kampung Ayer, Millie Bond - License Information.
The Brunei River - Kampung Ayer, Millie Bond - License Information.

Previous Brunei sultans controlled the whole of the island along with parts of the Philippines and Indonesia but due to the dense jungle covering the region, relied heavily on the rivers and waterways both for transportation and communication. The Brunei River is the shortest major river in the country. Fed by the Kayal and Limau Manis Rivers, the Brunei River flows just 41km (25m) to the river mouth of the Brunei Bay in the north-eastern capital of Bandar Seri Begawan where it flows into the South China Sea.

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