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Bernie the Bear's Animal of the Day

PheasantToday, Bernie the Bear wants to show you the Pheasant.

Females lay between 8 and 12 eggs per clutch!

If you didn't get here quick enough like Simon the Snail, yesterday's featured animal was the Molly.

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Welcome to A-Z Animals, an online animal encyclopedia where you can learn about all your favourite animals, and even some you may have never heard of!

Random Animals

Red Knee TarantulaRed Knee Tarantula
Inhabits the Pacific Mountains of Mexico!
Found in Europe, Africa and Asia!
Sleeps on just one leg!
Humboldt PenguinHumboldt Penguin
Found on the South American coast!
Has pink anti-bacterial sweat!
Honey BeeHoney Bee
There are only 7 recognised species!
Uncommon outside of Europe!
Also known as the Sacred Cat of Burma!
Natively found in the Andes Mountain range!
Bedlington TerrierBedlington Terrier
Highly active and intelligent dogs!
Often used as a guard dog!
Thought to be over 2,000 years old!
Sumatran ElephantSumatran Elephant
Less than 2,000 left in the wild!
Inhabits dark underwater caves!
Marine ToadMarine Toad
Produces a toxin used in arrow darts!
Tasmanian DevilTasmanian Devil
Exclusively found on the island of Tasmania!
Renews it's enormous antlers every year!
Common BuzzardCommon Buzzard
The most common raptor in the UK!
Gentoo PenguinGentoo Penguin
Found throughout the sub-Antarctic!
Green Bee-EaterGreen Bee-Eater
Mainly eats honeybees!
Has a curved, upturned beak!
Can have a wingspan of up to 3 meters!
Thought to date back more than 300,000 years!
Thought to be around 70,000 different species!
Masked Palm CivetMasked Palm Civet
Found throughout Asia, India and China!
There are an estimated 30 million species!
Courageous, calm and affectionate!
Sea LionSea Lion
It's flippers allow it to walk on the land!
There are thought to be over 2,000 species!
Shih TzuShih Tzu
Can live for up to 15 years!
Australian Kelpie DogAustralian Kelpie Dog
Friendly, intelligent and energetic!
Cross River GorillaCross River Gorilla
Less than 300 remaining!
Has evolved over 50 million years!
Sabre-Toothed TigerSabre-Toothed Tiger
Canines up to 7 inches long!
Fennec FoxFennec Fox
Found in the African Sahara Desert!
Some species are known to have 10 arms!
There are more than 500 different species!
Generally found in fast-flowing streams!
African Forest ElephantAfrican Forest Elephant
The largest known mammal on land!
American Cocker SpanielAmerican Cocker Spaniel
Merry, outgoing, and eager to please!

Betty the Butterfly's Blog

New Primate Species Discovered, The Skywalker Hoolock Gibbon

Wed 11th January 2017 (1 comment)
A Skywalker Hoolock Gibbon
A Skywalker Hoolock Gibbon, Copyright Sam Turvey
A Skywalker Hoolock Gibbon, Copyright Sam Turvey

Scientists have confirmed that a species of hoolock gibbon that they have been studying for sometime in the forests of south west China is in fact a new species of primate not previously known to science.

Named as the Skywalker hoolock gibbon, these rare and elusive primates have been given the scientific name of Hoolock tianxing which when translated from Chinese characters means "Heaven’s movement". The gibbon has been named as such due to the scientists being fans of the Star Wars films.

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