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Bernie the Bear's Animal of the Day

TiffanyToday, Bernie the Bear wants to show you the Tiffany.

Eye colour intensifies with age!

If you didn't get here quick enough like Simon the Snail, yesterday's featured animal was the Tortoise.

Welcome to A-Z Animals

Welcome to A-Z Animals, an online animal encyclopedia where you can learn about all your favourite animals, and even some you may have never heard of!

Random Animals

There are more than 240,000 different species!
Releases a strong smelling musk in defence!
Rock HyraxRock Hyrax
Actually related to Elephants and Manatees!
Siberian TigerSiberian Tiger
Also known as the Amur tiger!
Sea SquirtSea Squirt
There are more than 3,000 known species!
Can remain in the water for up to 2 minutes!
One of the only schooling Cichlids!
The offspring of a Zebra and Horse parents!
First domesticated more than 10,000 years ago!
Long and heavy spiralled horns!
There are 25 different species!
Leopard TortoiseLeopard Tortoise
The most widely distributed tortoise in Africa!
Giant SchnauzerGiant Schnauzer
Large, powerful and dominant!
Thought to be immune to certain snake venom!
Has a curved, upturned beak!
The largest bird in the world!
Prefers to hunt at night than during the day!
Bedlington TerrierBedlington Terrier
Highly active and intelligent dogs!
There are thought to be up 20,000 species!
German ShepherdGerman Shepherd
Highly active and fearless dogs!
Yorkshire TerrierYorkshire Terrier
Highly energetic and eager for adventure!
Hercules BeetleHercules Beetle
Can grow up to 7 inches long!
They dig large networks of tunnels!
Natively found in the European mountains!
Arctic FoxArctic Fox
Extremely thick winter fur!
Appenzeller DogAppenzeller Dog
Herding dog by nature!
There are more than 350,000 different species!
The largest feline on the American continent!
South China TigerSouth China Tiger
There are less than 20 in the wild!
Also known as the Colourpoint Persian!
There are 30 different species worldwide!
First domesticated 5,000 years ago!
Yellow-Eyed PenguinYellow-Eyed Penguin
The rarest species of penguin!
There are 2,500 known species worldwide!
Leopard SealLeopard Seal
The world's most aggressive seal species!
Most closely related to horses and rhinos!
Also known as the Prairie Wolf!
Siamese Fighting FishSiamese Fighting Fish
Natively found in the Mekong Delta!
Natively found in the Andes Mountain range!
Puffer FishPuffer Fish
The second most poisonous creature in the world!

Betty the Butterfly's Blog

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