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Frilled LizardToday, we want to highlight the Frilled Lizard.

Mainly lives in the trees!

Yesterday's featured animal was the Turkish Angora.

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Long, black tongue can grow to 18 inches long!
The fastest land mammal in the world!
Closely related to crabs and lobsters!
There are more than 160 different species!
Has 20 different muscles in it's ears!
It's horns are made from keratin!
Howler MonkeyHowler Monkey
Spends 80% of it's time resting!
Mountain LionMountain Lion
Has no real natural predators!
Spends up to 80% of the time sleeping or resting!
Lives in small groups called prides!
Arctic FoxArctic Fox
Extremely thick winter fur!
Red PandaRed Panda
There are less than 3,000 left in the wild!
Bengal TigerBengal Tiger
The most numerous species of tiger!
Prefers to hunt at night than during the day!
Renew their horns every year!
Some species have a poisonous bite!

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The 9 Most Dangerous Animals on Earth to Humans

Thu 9th July 2020 (0 comments)

Which animals are the most dangerous? Which species kill the most people every year?

You might instinctively assume carnivorous predators like lions, tigers, and bears top the list of most dangerous animals on Earth when it comes to killing humans, but you may be surprised to learn who the most dangerous species really are.

12 Hybrid Animals That Are Actually Real

Wed 8th July 2020 (0 comments)

What is a hybrid animal? While you might think that hybrid creatures only exist in fables and myths, the truth is that there are a number of crossbred animals that exist both in captivity and in the wild.

Hybrid animals usually originate from two similar types of animals mating, like lions and tigers, but it is also possible to use science to create these creatures through a process called "somatic hybridization." Somatic hybridization allows scientists to manipulate the genes of two similar species of animals in order to create an interesting new animal that has useful traits from both of its parents.

Check out the list below for 12 real examples of incredible hybrid animals.

The 5 Fastest Animals In The World - 2020

Sat 1st February 2020 (0 comments)

What is the fastest animal in the world? The answer isn't straightforward. Many factors — like gravity, wind, and animal size — must be considered. To boot, researchers have yet to clock the speeds of every earthly species. Plus, there's still some disagreement in the scientific community regarding the methodologies used for some of the current standings.

Fastest Bird: Peregrine Falcon — Top Speed 242 MPH