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Bernie the Bear's Animal of the Day

Brazilian TerrierToday, Bernie the Bear wants to show you the Brazilian Terrier.

Small body and tri-coloured coat!

If you didn't get here quick enough like Simon the Snail, yesterday's featured animal was the Basset Hound.

Welcome to A-Z Animals

Welcome to A-Z Animals, an online animal encyclopedia where you can learn about all your favourite animals, and even some you may have never heard of!

Random Animals

Desert TortoiseDesert Tortoise
Lives in burrows underground!
Natively found in the Andes Mountain range!
Woolly MammothWoolly Mammoth
Tusks grew to 16ft long!
Alaskan MalamuteAlaskan Malamute
Often used as sled dogs!
Detects prey using echolocation!
Killer WhaleKiller Whale
Typically consumes over 200 kg of food a day!
Bichon FriseBichon Frise
Gentle mannered, playful and affectionate!
Golden RetrieverGolden Retriever
Trusting, kind and gentle!
Closely related to the Manatee!
Fire-Bellied ToadFire-Bellied Toad
Found across mainland Europe and Asia!
Some species have a poisonous bite!
Found in the murky waters of Northern India!
Curious and devoted personality!
Elephant ShrewElephant Shrew
Found exclusively on the African continent!
Can live until they are more than 150 years old!
Thought to be around with the dinosaurs!
Their guano is used in face creams!
Hammerhead SharkHammerhead Shark
Found in coastal waters around the world!
There are about 3,000 documented species!
It's body temperature is between 30 - 34 degrees!
Monte Iberia EleuthMonte Iberia Eleuth
The smallest frog in the Northern Hemisphere!
Most closely related to horses and rhinos!
Most commonly found on the Indian mainland!
Only found in the forests of New Zealand!
Mountain GorillaMountain Gorilla
Isolated populations found in the mountains!
Crab-Eating MacaqueCrab-Eating Macaque
Found throughout the South-East Asian jungles!
Blue Lacy DogBlue Lacy Dog
Originated in Texas in the mid 1800s!
Have been known to reach 100 years old!
Black BearBlack Bear
Short claws make them good tree climbers!
Water DragonWater Dragon
Spends most of it's time in the trees!
Inhabits the freezing waters of the Arctic Circle!
Darwin's FrogDarwin's Frog
Camouflages itself as a dead leaf!
Originated from temple cats in Thailand!
The largest species of Lemur!
Flat Coat RetrieverFlat Coat Retriever
A game retrieving gun-dog!
Uncommon outside of Europe!
West Highland TerrierWest Highland Terrier
Most commonly white in colour!
Russian BlueRussian Blue
First brought to the UK in the 1800s!
English Cocker SpanielEnglish Cocker Spaniel
Intelligent yet stubborn by nature!
There are 29 different species!

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