8 Incredible Flowers That Mean Peace

Written by Niccoy Walker
Published: September 9, 2023
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Did you know that flowers have their own language? Centuries ago in Europe, Africa, and Asia, people assigned meaning to certain flowers and then used them to communicate their feelings or desires. Some flower symbolism is derived from legends and ancient myths passed down for generations.

If you are searching for flowers that mean peace, you are probably looking for a little calmness and tranquility. Thankfully, there are over a dozen flowers that promote restfulness and freedom from disturbance. Check out these eight incredible flowers that mean peace, and learn about their symbolism, appearance, and uses. 

1. Lavender

Blooming violet lavender plant in garden

Lavender symbolizes peace, serenity, healing, and purity.

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©ivanoel28/iStock via Getty Images

If ever there was a flower most closely associated with peace and calmness, lavender would be the front-runner. No spa would be complete without lavender-scented soaps, scrubs, and lotions. These flowers not only symbolize peace but also silence, serenity, purity, healing, and grace. Lavender is also associated with the crown chakra, which is the energy center that influences spiritual connectivity and awareness. With its elegant purple petals and delicate, sweet scent, lavender is perfect for rock gardens and border plants. And you can use it in cooking, to make bug repellant, or in essential oils and lotions.  

2. Olive Tree

Olea europaea olive tree green immature fruits close up

Olive trees are a symbol of peace to the world.


Found traditionally in the Mediterranean Basin, the olive tree is a small shrub or tree that bears small fruits called olives. Dating back to ancient scripture in the bible, the olive branch has been a symbol of peace to the world. The expression “extending an olive branch” means you desire peace. The olive tree can also symbolize friendship, reconciliation, healing, cleansing, and victory. People cultivate olive trees for oil, fine wood, fruit, and ornamental purposes.

3. Peace Lily

Beautiful white flowers and green leaves of tropical peace lily flower spathiphyllum on a light background.

Peace lilies are one of several incredible flowers that mean peace.

©iStock.com/Galina Tolochko

Native to the tropical regions of Southeast Asia and the Americas, peace lilies comprise over 40 species of evergreen plants. They are famous for their showy and delicate white flowers and their air-purifying qualities. The peace lily symbolizes peace, of course. But it also means innocence, purity, hope, prosperity, healing, and tranquility. This plant has healing properties, such as increasing humidity levels in the air, reducing toxins, and helping you breathe better.

4. White Poppy

White Alpine poppy, Papaver alpinum, in front of white background

White poppies represent commitment to peace and respect for victims of war.

©Eric Isselee/Shutterstock.com

While red poppies symbolize remembrance, white poppies represent peace. These two-color variants often go together when raising money for peace groups or to support victims of war. White poppies can also symbolize remembrance for victims of war, commitment to peace, and the deglamorization of conflict. White poppies are worn as a mark of respect for victims of war and a pledge for peace.

5. White Rose

Beautiful white meidiland rose to bloom in the garden in spring-summer.

The white rose is a symbol of elegance, romance, and purity.


White roses are the ultimate symbol of elegance, romance, and purity. With their dramatic and snow-white petals, these roses are favorites at weddings and anniversary parties. White roses also represent the Virgin Mary and are a symbol of Christianity. Some of the other meanings of white roses include innocence, loyalty, love, peace, unity, youthfulness, and new beginnings.

6. Hyacinth

Pink flower of Hyacinth. Cultivar China Pink

Hyacinth flowers have different meanings based on their colors.

©Kazakov Maksim/Shutterstock.com

The hyacinth is closely tied to Greek mythology, as it represents the sun god Apollo. But it also has a place in Christianity, where it represents happiness and love. In general, hyacinths symbolize peace, commitment, pride, forgiveness, joy, sincerity, and beauty. But their meanings directly correlate with their colors. For instance, yellow hyacinths can mean jealousy, while purple hyacinths mean you are seeking forgiveness.

7. Lotus Flower

Sacred Lotus, Human Hand, Lotus Water Lily, Flower, Pink Color

Lotus flowers have a unique life cycle and symbolize rebirth and harmony.

©iStock.com/Maria Marganingsih

Sometimes called water lilies, these aquatic plants rise from the mud without any imperfections and open their blooms every new day. Because of their unique life cycle, lotus flowers represent rebirth, purity, strength, resilience, beauty, awakening, peace, compassion, and harmony. It is symbolic in several religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, and Jainism, where it represents spiritual purity and divinity.  

8. Cosmos

Cosmos flowers are beneficial to the environment because they attract pollinators.


The cosmos flowers belong to the sunflower family and are beneficial to the environment because they attract pollinators like bees and butterflies. These annual flowers represent order, harmony, tranquility, balance, peace, modesty, innocence, and joy. These flowers grow very easily, even in poor soil, so they also represent resilience and self-reliance.

A Recap of the 8 Incredible Flowers That Mean Peace

NumberFlowers That Mean PeaceExact Meaning
#1LavenderCalmness, silence, serenity, purity, healing, grace
#2Olive treePeace, friendship, reconciliation, healing, cleansing, victory
#3Peace lilyPeace, innocence, purity, hope, prosperity, healing, tranquility
#4White poppyPeace, remembrance, deglamorization of war
#5White roseLove, purity, innocence, loyalty, peace, unity, youthfulness, new beginnings
#6HyacinthHappiness, peace, love, commitment, pride, forgiveness, joy, sincerity, beauty
#7Lotus flowerRebirth, purity, strength, resilience, beauty, divinity, peace, compassion, harmony 
#8CosmosHarmony, tranquility, balance, peace, modesty, innocence, joy, resilience, self-reliance

The photo featured at the top of this post is © gardendata/ via Getty Images

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