Telea Dodge
Author for A-Z Animals

Telea Dodge is an animal enthusiast and nature fiend with a particular interest in teaching a sense of community and compassion through interactions with the world at large. Carrying a passion for wild foraging, animal behaviorism, traveling, and music, Telea spends their free time practicing their hobbies while exploring with their companion dog, Spectre.

How Deep is the Ottawa River? Picture

Ottawa is one of the great rivers of the North American continent, stretching 780 miles (1,271km) across the country of Canada. This river rises in the western province of Quebec,… Read More

By Telea Dodge 8 months ago

Where Do Owls Nest? Picture

The world is home to 254 different species of owls. The International Ornithological Committee (Or the International Ornithologists' Union) is a group of people who share a global discipline in… Read More

By Telea Dodge 10 months ago