Telea Dodge
Author for A-Z Animals

Telea Dodge is an animal enthusiast and nature fiend with a particular interest in teaching a sense of community and compassion through interactions with the world at large. Carrying a passion for wild foraging, animal behaviorism, traveling, and music, Telea spends their free time practicing their hobbies while exploring with their companion dog, Spectre.

Types of Asian Mushroom Picture

The world is filled with fungi. In fact, some experts suggest that there are as many as six million different species of fungi in the world, many of which produce… Read More

By Telea Dodge 6 months ago

Types of White Mushrooms Picture

There are about 14,000 different species of mushrooms growing in the world. Mushrooms are a wide-spread and beloved part of our world, and they grow on every continent - even… Read More

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How to Find Truffle Mushrooms Picture

Are you familiar with truffle mushrooms? Technically, a truffle is not a mushroom at all. Truffle mushrooms grow below the ground, while mushroom species grow above the soil. Truffles are… Read More

By Telea Dodge 7 months ago

How Deep Is the Cumberland River? Picture

Today, we'll travel to the southern United States to learn about one of the major waterways that flows through it. The Cumberland River flows through southern Kentucky and north-central Tennessee,… Read More

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