10 Hanging Plants To Consider In Your Home

Written by Sandy Porter
Published: November 3, 2022
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Whether you have a house with more room than you know what to do with or a tiny studio apartment, plants are a great way to improve the aesthetics and health of your home. Space isn’t an issue if you have a huge house, but living in a studio requires careful consideration of what you can bring into your space.

Hanging plants is a great way to minimize clutter while reaping all the benefits of greener space. By hanging plants close to a light source, you can help extend their lifespan, all while reducing space usage and not getting in the way of your home activities. Unfortunately, not all plants do great in hanging planters.

For several reasons, the following 10 plants thrive in hanging planters; read on to learn more!

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10 Hanging Plants to Consider in Your Home

10 of the best hanging plants for indoor planting include

  • String of Nickels
  • Prayer Plant
  • Silver Monstera
  • Donkey’s Tail
  • String of Pearls
  • Spider Plant
  • Tillandsia
  • Heartleaf Philodendron
  • Chenille Plant
  • Maidenhair Fern

String of Nickels

An intriguing plant for an indoor hanging pot would be the plant commonly known as String of Nickels. This plant can be classified as an air plant. This means that it doesn’t grow in soil but instead draws moisture from the air as it attaches to other plants or trees in its native tropical environment.

Ever seen those clear glass or plastic hanging planters? The String of Nickels was designed for those hanging planters. Soak the roots in water occasionally and just let them hang there. They will pull moisture from the air as they grow. Misting the plants is also extremely helpful, as they tend to get slightly dry in non-tropical environments.

If you look at the leaves on the string of nickels, you’ll see why the plants have the name – the leaves look a bit like a rope of coins. You’ll find the plant available for sale on Etsy and Amazon, as well as in nurseries and local garden centers.

Prayer Plant

A prayer plant is a beautiful option for your hanging indoor garden. The plants have vividly patterned leaves that fold up at night, somewhat resembling the concept of praying hands. They look fantastic and add to any household.

Prayer plants are also relatively easy to take care of, needing minimal light and basic watering requirements. Keep their soil moist, but never overwater them. This plant is also referred to as maranta and can be found in nurseries, online, and at some local garden centers and plant stores.

Silver Monstera

Known as Monstera Siltepecana or silver monstera, this beautiful leafy plant is a fantastic choice for indoor hanging pots. The plant has silver-frosted foliage that adds something extraordinary to any space. When potted and hung, the leaves will grow and trail downward. The silver Monstera is a compact plant that won’t rapidly outgrow its pot, which is perfect for small spaces!

To thrive, the Silver monstera needs bright light and a well-draining organic potting mix. The plant should be watered when the soil is dry to the touch.

The plant is incredibly trendy and has been for a few years, making it more readily available at nurseries and garden centers.

Donkey’s Tail

The chunky, textured stems with gray-green overlapping leaves make the Donkey Tail one of the most exciting plants you can have.

Donkey tail loves full sunlight.

©iStock.com/Iryna Imago

A unique succulent that does well as a hanging plant is a donkey’s tail or burro’s tail. If you look at the plant, you’ll understand the name! The chunky, textured stems with gray-green overlapping leaves make it one of the most exciting plants you can have. It will definitely be a conversation piece for those visiting your home.

If you hang the plant in a window with strong sunlight, the leaves will turn purple-pink, and tiny pink flowers will bloom in the summer. Be sure to only water the plant when the soil is dry.

You’ll find this beautiful plant at local nurseries, garden centers, online at various stores.

String of Pearls

The string of pearls plant is another one of those gorgeous succulents that, when you look at it, you can immediately understand the origin of the name. The plant has gatherings of little “pearls” that cascade down from the stem of the plant. The unique succulent thrives in warm, dry environments and is super easy to care for.

The plant can be in the shade or partial sun (never full, direct sun) and needs watering when the soil is completely dry. Plant it in well-draining soil or potting mix that’s big enough to fill to the brim.

You’ll find this plant for sale online on sites such as Etsy and Amazon. You can also find this plant at brick-and-mortar plant stores and garden centers.

Spider Plant

The spider plant is your best friend if you’re not great with plants but want a hardy plant. This plant is one of the grittiest and easiest plants to care for. They love humidity and bright light but also do great in dry air or low light.

They also make for amazing hanging plants, primarily due to the little plantlets they grow on their stolons (“legs”). They do well with misting regularly and watering only when their soil is dry. Hang them in the window or the bathroom – whatever looks best!

These fun little plants are available practically anywhere, from Etsy and Amazon to local nurseries and stores like Walmart.


The Tillandsia plant grows without soil and basically requires no care.

Tillandsia plants hanging on blurred background, closeup. House decor

©iStock.com/Liudmila Chernetska

The Tillandsia plant grows without soil and basically requires no care. You’ll want to hang it somewhere visible in the home, probably in a glass vase and make sure it’s in bright light so it can bloom fully. 

Mist the plant if you’re in an arid region; otherwise, let it soak up the humidity from the air. Consider soaking the plant in tap water for a few minutes every other week.

Find Tillandsia online on Etsy, Amazon, local garden centers, and even Home Depot.

Heartleaf Philodendron

If you don’t have many great windows to hang your plants close to, consider the gorgeous heartleaf philodendron or the sweetheart plant. This plant loves low and indirect light and doesn’t need much attention. It’s an evergreen climber that will thrive in areas where it will be free to spread out.

The leaves are typically shiny and vivid looking. Still, if they get dull, you can use a damp cloth and wipe down the leaves to restore that natural shine.

This gorgeous plant is available for sale online, in local nurseries, garden centers, and chain stores.

Chenille Plant

Look no further than the chenille plant if you’re looking for a highly distinctive-looking plant to hang in your home. The unusual hanging plant has fuzzy red flowers dripping down from the pot, giving the impression of a cross between a pipe cleaner and a fuzzy caterpillar. The plant also has deep green foliage, creating a stunning contrast.

The plant does best in bright lights, so don’t be shy about sticking it in the window or adding a growing light nearby. The plant loves humid air. Maintain the plant’s soil moderately moist but avoid over-watering it.

You’ll find chenille plants for sale online, at Walmart and Home Depot, and other nurseries and garden centers.

Maidenhair Fern

If you love ferns, the delicate-looking maidenhair fern is a unique, beautiful option to consider as a hanging plant. The stunning plant has feathery foliage that drips out of a hanging pot perfectly.

Maidenhair ferns must be in moderate to high-humidity spaces with plenty of light. It’s the perfect plant for a well-lit bathroom with big windows. It’s recommended that you mist the leaves daily or have a humidifier close to where the plants are growing.

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