The 5 Best Dog Parks in Anaheim

Written by Emilio Brown
Published: June 27, 2022
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Anaheim is a small section of the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Los Angeles has a population of over 12 million. With so many people living in one area, even in a large city, it can be hard to find enough space to exercise your dog properly. That’s where the dog parks in Anaheim come in handy. In this article, we’ve assembled a list of the best dog parks in Anaheim. 

1. Fullerton Pooch Park

Dog Park Series - Two Small Dogs

Three different fenced-off areas can be found at Fullerton Pooch Park, giving an area for every type of dog to play.


Fullerton Pooch Park
Location 201 S Basque Ave, Fullerton, CA 92833
Hours 7 AM-8 PM Closed on Wednesday
Price Free 

The Fullerton Pooch Park is found in north Anaheim near Pacific Drive Park. This mid-size dog park is separated into 3 areas; one for big dogs, one for small dogs, and one for all dogs. Grass, dirt, and some trees make up the landscape. Owners have plenty of places to sit with the multiple benches and plastic lawn chairs found around the edges of the park. 

The park provides doggy poop bags, and trash cans are located throughout all park areas. Toys and tennis balls have been donated by regulars of the park giving your pooch endless entertainment. Agility equipment like tire tunnels is placed around the park so your dog can learn some new tricks or just burn off some energy.  

The entrance to the dog park is double-fenced, so you can safely enter and exit with your pup. Near the entrance are a water hose and a few doggy bowls so you can clean and hydrate your furry friend. Busy hours for this dog park are typically early afternoon to early evening. Saturdays are the busiest day here, and the park can fill up pretty fast in the afternoon.

2.  Jacaranda Dog Park

Jacaranda Dog Park
Location 2029 State College Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92806
Hours 7 AM-7 PM
Price Free 

Found in southern Anaheim is a small off-leash dog area named Jacaranda Dog Park. This park is clean and well maintained, providing a safe environment for you and your pooch to enjoy. The park has separate sections for large dogs and small dogs. Landscaped with artificial grass, sand, and small trees, your dogs will have plenty of shade and comfort while playing. 

Small agility equipment is spread throughout the park. Your furry friend can enjoy obstacles like weave poles, tunnels, and hoops. Doggy poop bags are provided by the park but run out pretty fast, so be sure to bring your own. Picking up after your pooch is required at all dog parks in Anaheim. A water fountain is located inside the off-leash area but can be off during the colder months.

Benches are placed around the fences of the park under a canopy. Trash cans can be found near the entrance to make cleaning up after your pooch easy. Evenings are the busiest time for Jacaranda Dog Park all week long. Mornings are typically pretty slow and empty for the park.

3. Maxwell Dog Park

Australian shepherd in agility tunnel

Different agility structures like tunnels and A-frames can be found at Maxwell Dog park.

© Orlova

Maxwell Dog Park
Location 2660 W Broadway, Anaheim, CA 92804
Hours 5 AM-10:30 PM
Price Free 

In central Anaheim, Maxwell dog park sits inside Maxwell park. This small off-leash dog area gives your dog a nice shady place to socialize and play with other pups. A large sand pit with grass is right in the middle of the park. There are separate fenced areas for small and large dogs. 

You can find agility equipment like a-frames and tunnels in the sandy play area. Your furry friend can have a nice cool drink from the water fountains in both areas of the park. Doggy poop bags and trash cans are provided to make it easy for owners to keep the park clean. 

Benches are around the park underneath the shade of the trees. This is a popular dog park in Anaheim, so it can get packed quickly. Weekends are the busiest days for the park. It is pretty full in the evenings, while mornings are typically empty.

4. La Palma Dog Park

La Palma Dog Park
Location 229 W La Palma Ave #201, Anaheim, CA 92801
Hours 5 AM-10:30 PM
Price Free 

Inside La Palma Park in north-central Anaheim is La Palma Dog Park. This large dog park has separate areas for small dogs and large dogs so all pups can play safely. The landscape is mostly dirt/sand, with some grassy areas spread around. Large trees scattered throughout provide a great amount of shade over the park. 

Benches are located along the fence of both the small and large dog area to give owners a place to relax. Doggy water fountains are located inside the off-leash area. Trash cans and doggy bags are provided by the park. Some old tennis balls have been donated by previous visitors so all dogs can have a chance to play with them.

La Palma Dog Park is open later than most dog parks in Anaheim. Lighting for after sunset is supplied by the park so dogs can play safely. Due to its large size, the park doesn’t get packed easily. Weekends are the busiest days though there’s always room for more for pups to come play.

5.  Olive Hills Dog Park

bulldog running

While Olive Hills Dog Park may get busy, it is very large and able to manage a large number of visitors.

©Ammit Jack/

Olive Hills Dog Park
Location 700 S S Nohl Cyn Rd, Anaheim, CA 92807
Hours Monday-Friday 8 AM-5 PM
Saturday & Sunday-Closed
Price Free 

You can find Olive Hills Dog Park in east Anaheim near the Olive Hills Reservoir. This large fenced dog play area is landscaped with artificial grass and sand. There are separate sections for large dogs and small dogs. Trees are spread around the park providing ample shade. Benches are located along the fence around the edges of the dog areas.  

Dog water fountains have been placed in both sections of the dog park, so all dogs have easy access to water. Trash cans are spread around the park, and doggy bags are supplied. This is a fairly large dog park, so during its busy hours, there’s still lots of space for your pooch to play. Early afternoons and evenings at the dog park are usually packed all week.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © belu gheorghe/

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