Watch a “Psychic” Dog Pull Its Owner Away From a Park Just Before Huge Dog Fight Breaks Out

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: October 9, 2023
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What a clever and intuitive pooch this is! In this extraordinary clip, we see a little dog grasping its leash in its mouth and dragging its owner away from the dog park. It turns out that a fight is about to break out. This little dog does not want his owner to get caught up in the middle of it. Scroll down to see the full adorable footage of a pooch protecting its owner.

Do Dogs Have Body Language?

The dog in this clip may have spotted some unfavorable body language among his buddies in the dog park. This may have alerted him to the fact that a fight was about to break out. Meanwhile, the human owner had no idea about what was going on.

You can tell a lot about how a dog is feeling from their posture. For example, when a dog’s hackles are raised it means that the dog is aroused in either a positive or a negative way. Raised hackles are when the hairs along your dog’s back stand upright. The scientific name for this is piloerection.

Eye contact is another important mode of communication for dogs. A hard stare often precedes aggression. If a dog looks away, however, it means that they are feeling less stressed. The position of the tail is also important. Assertive dogs often hold their tail high, whereas submissive dogs tend to tuck their tail between their legs.

dog wagging tail

A dog wagging his tail is usually relaxed.


Do Dogs Have a Sixth Sense?

Canine intuition is a much-debated topic. Many owners are convinced that their dogs have a sixth sense. As humans, we recognize five senses which are touch, taste, smell, sight, and hearing. We all know that dogs have an amazing sense of smell that is about 10,000 times more sensitive than ours.

On the other hand, a sixth sense is a concept that is very difficult to define. It can perhaps be best described as a ‘gut feeling’. Many dog owners feel that their pets are intuitive. They know when we feel sad and may even try to comfort us. One possible explanation is that our dogs can detect our level of hormones. When we are in a depressed mood, some of the feel-good hormones such as oxytocin will be at low levels. Some people even say that their dogs can detect oncoming bad weather.

Bearing all this in mind, it would not be surprising if some dogs were able to detect rising tensions in the dog park!

Watch the Extraordinary Clip Below

The photo featured at the top of this post is © thka/

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