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Wolf Lifespan: How Long Do Wolves Live? Picture

Wolves are one of the most popular wild animals and for good reason! As descendants of today’s modern dog, these apex predators are one of the most notable in the entire animal kingdom. Many cultures have often associated wolves with the symbols of freedom, courage, loyalty, and sharp instincts. This explains why out of so […] Read More

Skunk Teeth: Everything You Need To Know Picture

Skunks are small mammals that are characterized by their ability to spray unpleasant smelling liquid from their anal glands which they use as a defense mechanism with great success.  They are native to the US, Canada, and South America where they live in forest edges, woodlands, grasslands, and deserts.  Skunks are omnivores and are known […] Read More

Mouse Lifespan: How Long Do Mice Live? Picture

Domestic mice can range in lifespan from 2 to 7 years. The African pygmy mouse lives an average of 2 years while Pachyuromys duprasi lives an average of 5 to 7 years. Pachyuromys duprasi, also known as ‘Fat-tailed gerbils,’ can be maintained as pets. Most people have little trouble taking care of them and they […] Read More

Sea Turtle Lifespan: How Long Do Sea Turtles Live? Picture

Up until recently, limited research has been available on the lifespan of Sea Turtles. This is because migratory marine species are difficult to track, making wild animal lifetime studies problematic. Marine turtles, for example, may survive generations of researchers. For the first time, scientists have identified a way to utilize DNA to accurately estimate the […] Read More

11 Incredible Lizards with Spikes Picture

Lizards are cold-blooded reptiles that make up a diverse group of animals. Reptiles are generally small, which makes them susceptible to harm from many types of predators. Consequently, many lizards with spikes evolved to appear more intimidating, which increased their chances of survival.  Keep reading to learn about eleven types of spikey lizards, where they […] Read More

10 Deep Sea Creatures: Discover the Rarest Scariest Animals Beneath the Seas! Picture

There’s no doubt that deep-sea creatures are the stuff of nightmares. The truth is, though, that these astounding creatures are widely misunderstood. For example, many of the terrifying features that make these animals look so terrifying are essential to their survival.  Let’s dive in to learn more about the top ten most rare and scary […] Read More

What’s a Baby Chicken Called + 5 More Amazing Facts! Picture

What came first, the baby chicken or the egg? While we may not have the answer to that age-old question, we do have the answers to many more. Have you ever wondered why you see chicks following their mother’s every move? Or how they get out of their egg?  If you want to find out […] Read More

Golden Retriever Lifespan: How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live? Picture

Having a Golden Retriever as a member of your family means you want to do everything you can to keep him healthy and happy. Knowing the typical lifespan of Golden Retrievers and then taking a few steps to assist him to live longer can make this happen. How Long Do Golden Retrievers Live? It is […] Read More

The 10 Dogs With The Biggest Ears (So Cute!) Picture

Big ears dogs are some of the most extraordinary canines on the planet. While their large ears can help them hear better, you might be surprised to learn they can even help some breeds smell better!  Let’s jump right into our top ten dogs with the biggest ears and learn about what makes them so […] Read More

The 13 Cutest Lizards in the World Picture

Lizards are some of the most amazing reptiles in the animal kingdom. Many are highly intelligent, independent animals that can thrive on very little. What’s even cooler is that the cutest lizards are seriously adorable!  Whether you’re a reptile fanatic or lizards aren’t your favorite subject, there’s no doubt that these lizards are the cutest […] Read More

13 Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds Picture

Hypoallergenic cats are ideal for owners with allergies and asthma. Although there are no 100% hypoallergenic breeds, there are many options for cat breeds that produce less pet dander. Consequently, these cats make it possible for allergic owners to own a pet cat.  In addition to grooming measures, training, HEPA filters, and even frequent vacuuming […] Read More

Fish Lifespan: How Long Do Fish Live? Picture

As one of the oldest inhabitants on the earth, fish have been around for a long time. Found in both fresh and saltwater, fish are one of the most abundant species on the planet. It would be difficult to find aquatic habitats that don’t house these vertebrates! As such an interesting, ancient species it makes […] Read More

Beagle Lifespan: How Long Do Beagles Live? Picture

With a charming call and a precious face, beagles are a popular dog breed. They are hunting dogs but also fantastic home companions- but how long do beagles live? This is an important question to ask, whether you plan on using your beagle as a working dog or not. In this article, we will cover […] Read More

Moth Lifespan: How Long Do Moths Live? Picture

Attracted to light and prone to eating the clothes in our closet, moths live unique and interesting lives. But how long do moths live, on average? And what are their lives like, no matter how long or short they happen to be? In this article, we will discuss a moth life cycle as well as […] Read More

Do Frogs Have Bones? Picture

Frogs have evolved to have some truly strange anatomy! From their massive eyes and wide mouths to their long, strong, and flexible legs, they look downright otherworldly–and almost as if a skeleton would just weigh them down. Do frogs even have bones, and if so, what are their skeletal systems like? Read on to learn […] Read More

What Do Box Turtles Eat? Picture

If you live in North America, specifically the central and eastern United States and Mexico, chances are you’ve encountered a box turtle in the wild. These largely terrestrial turtles appear similar to tortoises but actually belong to the pond turtle family. There are six different species of box turtles in the family Emydidae. They each […] Read More

Do Bed Bugs Jump? Picture

Do bed bugs jump? No, bed bugs do not jump. Unlike crickets or grasshoppers, bed bugs don’t have the strong back legs required to propel themselves off the ground. But despite being unable to jump, bed bugs are able to reach a variety of areas in a home, hotel, college dormitory, and other locations. Learn […] Read More

Crow Lifespan: How Long Do Crows Live? Picture

Crows are easily recognized by their jet-black appearance and ominous reputation. As scavengers who eat just about anything, including dead animals, they have become symbolically associated with death. It’s no wonder so many of us get goosebumps when we see a flock of crows nearby – which is incidentally called a murder.  Despite being one […] Read More

Pomeranian Lifespan: How Long Do Pomeranians Live? Picture

An extremely popular breed of toy dog, Pomeranians are known for being playful, vocal, and generally friendly. But how long do Pomeranians live, and what can you expect out of the average Pomeranian life cycle? In this article, we will discuss all of these things as well as what you can do to extend the […] Read More

Ladybug Lifespan: How Long Do Ladybugs Live? Picture

An extremely popular beetle throughout the world, ladybugs are often a sign of luck if you happen to see one in your garden. But how long do ladybugs live, and what exactly is their life cycle like? Many bugs have similar life cycles, but is that also true for ladybugs? In this article, we will […] Read More

Roach vs Cockroach: Are They Different? Picture

Cockroaches are known the world over for their pungent aroma and ability to hunt out and eat just about any type of garbage. They’re members of the order Blattodea, an order that also includes termites. Cockroaches are medium size, dark colored insects with hard, shiny exoskeletons. They’re often mistaken for beetles, or water bugs; in […] Read More

Flea Lifespan: How Long Do Fleas Live? Picture

While nobody likes the idea of fleas, it can be important to understand their lifespan to fully stop this pest in its tracks. You may be asking yourself: how long do fleas live? This is an important question that we will answer in this article.  Whether or not you are just interested in fleas or […] Read More

Groundhog Lifespan: How Long Do Groundhogs Live? Picture

While we are most familiar with groundhogs because of the ever famous Groundhog Day, have you ever stopped to think about the lifespan of the groundhog? How long do groundhogs live? That is the question we will answer today. Besides coming out of its hole to see its shadow, what else does a groundhog go […] Read More

Deer Lifespan: How Long Do Deer Live? Picture

Found around the world in a variety of species and breeds, deer are prevalent in just about any society or forested wilderness. But have you ever wondered how long do deer live? Given that deer are often hunted in the wild, the answer may surprise you. In this article, we will look at how long […] Read More

What Do Wasps Eat? Picture

Few creatures on planet Earth fill people with as much fear as wasps. These tiny insects can pack a painful sting, and a swarm can potentially prove life-threatening in certain circumstances. Wasps belong to the order Hymenoptera and look like a mix between a bee and an ant. Most wasps bear distinctive yellow and black […] Read More

The 15 Largest Lakes in the World Picture

Thousands of lakes exist in the world today, and it’s only natural to wonder which of them are the largest. With modern technology, humanity has managed to measure lakes in terms of their size and volume. We have gathered data about the biggest lakes of all. We’re going to show you the 15 largest lakes […] Read More

Types of Beetles: The Complete List Picture

Beetles are the most common type of insect. There are many different types of beetles, all the way from the hardy dung beetle to the pesky weevil to the cute ladybug. While the following is not a complete list of beetles, it will tell you the facts about the most common types of beetles, including […] Read More

What’s a Group of Tigers Called & How Do They Behave? Picture

Tigers are the largest big cats in the world but are still incredibly threatened in the wild. These magnificent animals face poaching, habitat loss, and regional isolation in almost every environment they live in. Still, they find ways to survive in some of the most remote places in the world. As solitary animals, they rarely […] Read More

Rare Types of Cats Picture

While the International Cat Association recognizes 71 unique breeds of cats, these purebreds only represent about 5% of the overall cat population. Taking those numbers into consideration, it’s easy to understand why cats of specific breeding can cost thousands of dollars. But if the facts tell us that legitimate cat breeds only make up a […] Read More

House Fly Lifespan: How Long Do House Flies Live? Picture

While most of us end up using a fly swatter on the common house fly, you may be wondering how long do house flies live without human intervention? It’s likely they don’t live long, like many insects, but it’s time to determine just how long that may be. In this article, we will address how […] Read More

Lobster Lifespan: How Long Do Lobsters Live? Picture

Delicious and spiny, lobsters live surprising lives. How long do lobsters live? Longer than you might think, at least at first! Whether you enjoy eating this seafood delicacy or not, lobsters have lives beyond a restaurant aquarium or a fisherman’s net. In this article, we will address how long lobsters live, what their life cycle […] Read More

Tarpon Teeth: Everything You Need To Know Picture

Tarpons are large fish from the genus Megalops and they are native to the Atlantic and the Indo-Pacific oceans.  Nicknamed the “silver king”, tarpons have shiny, silver scales and are one of the greatest sport fishes around.  They are renowned for their acrobatic displays and impressive jumps as well as their great size.  However, it’s not […] Read More

Chinchilla Lifespan: How Long Do Chinchillas Live? Picture

Considered an exotic pet in many different locations, chinchillas are adorable and soft. But how long do chinchillas live, and what can you do as a new pet owner to properly take care of your chinchilla or chin, as they are affectionately known? In this article, we’ll discuss the average lifespan for these unique rodents, […] Read More

French Bulldog Lifespan: How Long Do French Bulldogs Live? Picture

Known for their squashed faces and adorable personalities, French bulldogs are one of the most popular breeds of dog worldwide. It doesn’t take a genius to guess why- but how long do French bulldogs live? Before you adopt a Frenchie as they are affectionately known, you should know what to expect from your new pet, […] Read More

Frog Lifespan: How Long Do Frogs Live? Picture

Who doesn’t love a frog? Beloved around the world for their adorable sounds and ability to jump, frogs may have a longer lifespan than you may think. How long do frogs live? That is what we are here to discuss and discover! We’ll go over what a frog’s life cycle is like, along with how […] Read More

Cricket Lifespan: How Long Do Crickets Live? Picture

Noisy and active bugs, crickets are commonly found around the world. You may be wondering: how long do crickets live, and what is their life cycle like? Often considered a lucky insect in many cultures, crickets may not live the luckiest lives. In this article, we’ll learn exactly how long crickets live, what their life […] Read More

Do Frogs Lay Eggs? Picture

Every animal has to reproduce somehow. Whether they give live birth, lay eggs, or perhaps even reproduce asexually, every member of the animal kingdom has to make more of its own species. But, you might ask, what about frogs? Do frogs lay eggs, and if so, how does their life cycle work? Follow along as […] Read More

Coyote Mating Season and Habits: What You Need to Know Picture

The coyote, Canis latrans, is a very adaptable creature. It is a native mammal that has expanded its territory due to human alteration of the landscape and wolf intolerance. It is currently common in many parts of North and Central America. Since it is common to spot coyotes in the suburbs and cities, it is […] Read More

Shih Tzu Lifespan: How Long Do Shih Tzus Live? Picture

Shih Tzus are utilitarian and toy dogs considered to have originated in China or Tibet as temple dogs. The name Shih Tzus, or X Sh qun (Hsi Shih dog) comes from the Chinese term for “lion” since this dog was created to seem like “the lion in traditional eastern painting.” This breed is also called […] Read More

Coyote Tails: What They Look Like Picture

The coyote is a North American wild canine that has a striking resemblance to the wolf. Due to interbreeding, many modern-day coyotes contain considerable amounts of wolf and domestic dog DNA. As a result, many coyotes exhibit a variety of color patterns. However, there are certain characteristics that can assist you in distinguishing between a […] Read More

Can Foxes Legally Be Pets? Is It Even A Good Idea? Picture

Foxes are gorgeous animals, and their lively personalities and adorable antics are loved by many people worldwide. Social media users post and follow a massive amount of content featuring foxes, including ones kept as pets. But can foxes legally be pets, and is it even a good idea?  Is It Legal To Have Foxes As […] Read More

Centipedes are named and known for their large number of legs. The word “centipede” originates from the New Latin prefix of “centi” meaning hundred, and the Latin word pedis, or pes, which means foot. Oddly enough, no centipede has 100 legs, as they will always have an odd pair of feet. They will always have […] Read More

You are bound to cross paths with a species of centipede since they inhabit most areas of the world. Defying their common name, no species of centipede only has 100 legs but will have more or less. The number of leg pairs they have is always odd, and just one interesting fact about this animal. […] Read More

Bird Teeth: Do Birds Have Teeth? Picture

Birds are generally known as omnivores, which means they eat pretty much anything their mouths can manage. However, unlike most animals that use their teeth to catch and chew their food, birds only seem to have hollow mouths that show no signs of teeth, which raises the frequently asked question –do birds have teeth? Technically, birds do […] Read More

Carps are a freshwater species that have managed to spread their presence far and wide. Most species are from Asia, but carp can be found in Europe, North America, Australia, and Africa. A variety of carp species exists, coming in all sizes. A species size will vary, with some growing to be giants. Some carps […] Read More

Do Foxes Hibernate? Picture

Foxes can be found all over the world and on every continent except Antarctica. They can survive the harshest environments, including unforgiving desert heat and brutal arctic cold. In temperate regions with seasonal temperature changes, some mammals hibernate in the winter. But do foxes hibernate, or have they adapted other ways to cope with icy […] Read More

What Do Moles Eat? Picture

To many people, particularly gardeners, moles are little more than pests. Their conical mounds can easily become a blight on your backyard, leading many people to seek solutions to get rid of them. In reality, moles serve an important ecological function and are a sign of a healthy ecosystem. Moles are small mammals in the […] Read More

Coyote Size: How Big Do Coyotes Get? Picture

There is a wide range of sizes among coyotes, but they are medium-sized canines. Running dogs, these slender animals weigh between 20 and 50 pounds. Size can be affected by a variety of factors, including gender and age. The typical length of a coyote, including the tail, is about forty-eight inches. On average, they are […] Read More

Coyote Dens: Where Do Coyotes Live? Picture

No doubt you’ve either read about coyotes in your area, heard stories, or seen them for yourself. These canines used to live in wide grasslands and deserts, but now wander forests, mountains, and cities of North America. This species has even made its way into the suburbs of many major cities including Los Angeles. But, […] Read More

Are Foxes Carnivores Or Omnivores? Picture

Foxes are members of the Canine family and are related to carnivores like wolves, coyotes, and jackals. However, they are also related to domestic dogs and raccoons, which are omnivores. So are foxes carnivores or omnivores?  Foxes have the reputation for raiding henhouses and attacking small animals, making a real pest of themselves near human […] Read More