Gecko Animal Pictures

Beautiful color Madagascar giant day gecko on dry bud
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Close up of Gecko or Tropical Asian geckos on a tree.
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Namib Sand Gecko - Pachydactylus rangei, beautiful small gecko endemic in southwest Africa, Namib desert, Walvis bay, Namibia.
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Gecko climbing on cement wall
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Baby Common House Gecko, displayed on a human finger and thumb
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Leopard gecko on white background
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How to Sex a Crested Gecko - Male and Female Crested Gecko
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How to Sex a Crested Gecko - Juvenile Crested Gecko
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Crested Gecko - On Plant
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Crested Gecko Price - Crested Gecko in Store
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Crested Gecko - In Enclosure
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Crested Gecko Enclosure - Terrarium
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Crested Gecko - Striped Crested
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Crested Gecko Morphs - Lillywhite Crested Gecko
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Crested Gecko - Bicolor
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Beautiful Green Animals - Wellington Green Gecko
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The Wellington green gecko (Naultinus punctatus). This beautiful green animal is very well camouflaged among the trees.

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crested gecko sitting on a tree branch

What Do Geckos Eat
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Close-up of a leopard gecko eating its shedding skin

Image Credit A Collins

Calcium supplements help facilitate proper shedding as well as bone and muscle health. Geckos commonly eat their shed skin to reabsorb its nutrients

Animals That Look Like Plants - Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko
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The satanic leaf-tailed gecko appears as a dead leaf.

Animals That Molt - Gecko
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A regular pattern of molting isn't common in adult geckos.

Beautiful color madagascar giant day gecko on dry bud
Image Credit Kurit afshen/
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