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The AZ Animals team has spent years working with and studying the latest research on what products are best for our pets and yours, and we're excited to share our expert pet product recommendations with you.

The 3 Best Dog Thermometers: Reviewed for 2022 Picture

Monitoring your dog’s health is an important part of your job as a pet owner. One way to make sure they are healthy is checking their temperature, especially if they are showing other signs of illness. If you’re here to find the answer to the question, “what is the best dog thermometer,” we can help […] Read More

The 6 Best Dog Water Bottles: Reviewed for 2022 Picture

What is the best dog water bottle? The best dog water bottle possesses a combination of valuable features. Some dog water bottles are designed for different uses. If you want a water bottle to take along for walking or hiking or even for car rides with your furry friend, then the best choice would be […] Read More

The 4 Best Dog Anxiety Vests: Reviewed for 2022 Picture

Does your dog tremble in terror during a lightning storm? Is every visit to the vet’s office a struggle? If your dog suffers from separation anxiety or other fears, a dog anxiety vest is ideal. Also known as a pressure wrap or calming jacket, it’s an easy-to-use solution that exerts a calming influence on your […] Read More

The 5 Best Dog Blankets: Reviewed for 2022 Picture

What is the best dog blanket? Finding the best blanket for your dog is easier if you think about the features you want. Some blankets have a design highlighting a couple of features while others combine several features for a dog’s comfort. Another approach to finding the best dog blanket is to consider where you […] Read More

The 5 Best Dog Frisbees: Reviewed for 2022 Picture

What are the best dog frisbees? The answer depends on several factors including the size of your dog, your dog’s chewing habits, and how you plan to use the frisbee. One dog owner may want a fabric frisbee that flies with accuracy when practicing for competitions. Another may want a simple rubber, waterproof frisbee to […] Read More

The 4 Best Coconut Oils for Dogs: Reviewed for 2022 Picture

Coconut oil offers many unique benefits for dogs. One benefit includes soothing itchy skin for dogs living with allergies. This can be an excellent remedy for pet owners on a budget. There are many options available, and knowing how to apply the product is one of many things to consider. Your dog will likely have […] Read More

The 4 Best Shedding Brushes for Dogs: Reviewed for 2022 Picture

All dogs shed, and they all need help keeping their fur in good shape. You can help with a dog brush that removes dead hair and grooms your dog. We’ve gathered the best shedding brushes for dogs of all sizes and fur types. Verified Review: Our Hands-On Experience To find the best brushes for your […] Read More

The 3 Best Dog Tents You Should Buy: Reviewed for 2022 Picture

Your furry companion deserves a place to call their own. Even if it is just a small corner in your room, they need a place to go and rest or unwind. And if you’re looking to give your pets that special space, why not choose a cute little tent bed that offers all of the […] Read More

The 5 Best Corgi Dog Foods: Reviewed for 2022 Picture

The Corgi is a breed with special nutritional needs. When you’re looking for the best dog food for this breed, you’ll need something that helps keep this dog at a healthy weight and helps maintain its energy level. Depending on whether you’re feeding puppies or adults, different calorie counts are required. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi […] Read More

The 4 Best Nulo Dog Foods: Reviewed for 2022 Picture

Nulo has proven itself as a premium dog food brand. This small, independent company creates dog food that has never been subject to a recall. Its formulas contain none of the carbohydrates or high-glycemic ingredients that are the bulk of other dog foods. Instead, the food’s main ingredients are meats and low-glycemic vegetables, including chickpeas, […] Read More

Best Dog Food Brands: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Choosing the best dog food brand for your dog is one of the more critical decisions you’ll make as an owner. Large breed food, foods for puppies, and choices for seniors all provide different benefits than many foods designed for all life cycles. Everyone seemingly has different trusted brands that they prefer, and what is […] Read More

Best Low Phosphorus Dog Foods: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

If your dog has kidney disease or renal failure, your vet may have recommended a low phosphorus dog food. Unfortunately, these foods are expensive, and you can only get them with a prescription. Is it possible to get non-prescription dog food that is high quality and fits your budget? We put it to the test, […] Read More

Best Dry Dog Food: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Feeding your dog the best dry dog food is just one of the ways you can help it enjoy a long and healthy life. When you select the best dry dog food for your pet, you’re contributing to the health of its kidneys, heart, lungs, brain, and other organs. Furthermore, a dog’s coat, skin, and […] Read More

Portable Dog Fences: Reviewed for 2022 Picture

A portable dog fence is a handy item for many dog owners. Also known as a pet gate, pet pen, or playpen, it allows you to set up a safe, enclosed space for your dog. Use it to meet a temporary need, or use it daily to give your dog some playtime. Folding dog fences […] Read More

Best Dog Cooling Pads: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

A dog cooling pad helps your dog stay cool on hot days. Some dog breeds thrive in cold climates, and warm weather can make them uncomfortable. Getting overheated can make your dog feel sluggish, and it can have serious health effects. Cooling pads also soothe orthopedic conditions in dogs. If you think your dog would […] Read More

Best Dog Clippers (For Grooming): Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Grooming is part of owning a dog, especially if you have a longhaired dog. All dogs may need a haircut once in a while, but regularly visiting a professional groomer can be expensive. Dog clippers for home use are available, and they can help you save time and money. Verified Review: Our Hands-On Experience Our […] Read More

Best Dog Boots: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Dog boots are cute, but they’re more than fancy footwear. They make it safer for your dog to walk on rough terrain or in harsh weather. These durable booties are available in all dog sizes, and most feature adjustable straps for a good fit. Which are the best booties for your pup? We’ve chosen four […] Read More

Dog Treadmills: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Does your dog need more exercise? We use treadmills for walking and running indoors, so why not do the same for your dog? Here’s the rundown on dog treadmills, including which features to look for and how to find the right one for your budget. Verified Review: Our Hands-On Experience We only promote products that […] Read More

Best Dog Raincoats: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

If you enjoy walking in the rain, why not bring your best buddy? A dog rain jacket is ideal for dogs who need extra protection from wind and rain. If you’re traveling or walking at night, look for a dog raincoat with a hood or reflective elements. We tested more than 20 waterproof dog raincoats […] Read More

Dog Bike Trailers: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Dog bike trailers are one of the safest ways to take your furry friend on the road. Models like Schwinn Rascal and Burley provide name recognition, along with high quality. Finding the right dog bike trailer, from a quick-fold version to the types with UV-protected windows, is easier said than done. Deciding whether you want […] Read More

Best Dog Scales: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Are you wondering how much your dog or puppy weighs? Usually, your pet gets weighed during a veterinary visit. Your puppy may also get weighed before a grooming visit. There are times you may need to check his weight at home, however, and that’s when a home dog scale comes in handy. Verified Reviwe: Our […] Read More

The Best Dog Ramps: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Many dogs can benefit from using a dog ramp. Senior dogs may develop arthritis or other joint issues, small dogs could benefit from assistance getting up on higher couches, beds, or vehicles, and other dogs that are recovering from surgery may be dealing with mobility issues. Dog stairs or dog steps may help some, but […] Read More

The Best Cat Feeders: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Do you need a new feeder for your kitty? The best cat feeders are easy to use and will help you ensure your cat (or cats) get the food they need to stay healthy. There are many different types of cat feeders on the market, including gravity cat feeders, automatic models, slow feeders, feeders for […] Read More

Best Pet Scales: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

If you need to monitor your pet’s weight to ensure they remain healthy, finding the right pet scale is essential. Tracking a cat or dog’s weight may be necessary to ensure kittens or puppies are gaining weight properly or to keep a senior or sick cat or dog from losing too much weight. There are […] Read More

Best Dog Backpacks: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

If your dog is your best buddy, you want to take him everywhere with you. Many dogs enjoy camping or hiking trips, and a dog backpack can make it fun for both of you. The best dog backpacks allow dogs to walk hands-free, as it were, carrying what they need for the trail. There are […] Read More

The Best Tactical Dog Vests: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Tactical dog vests are designed to protect pups and make it possible for them to hold gear and other essential items. Tactical dog vests are often used for service dogs and military dogs, but they can also be handy for dog owners looking to take their canine companion on a long hike or other excursions. […] Read More

Self-Cleaning Litter Boxes: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Automated, self-cleaning litter boxes promise to relieve cat owners from one of their least favorite tasks, but are they all they’re cracked up to be? Here’s our guide to self-cleaning litter boxes and our top four overall picks. Cleanliness Matters Cats don’t need a lot of maintenance, but one of the most important parts of […] Read More

The Best Cat Toys: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

There are several benefits your feline friend can receive from playing with cat toys. Playtime can help ensure senior felines, and even younger cats, receive the exercise they need to remain healthy, it can keep kitties from becoming bored and destructive, and it can provide owners the opportunity to bond and spend time with their […] Read More

Best Dog Training Books: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Dog training is essential, and the right book makes this task easier. These books can help introduce you to new positive training methods, help you learn more advanced techniques from one handy manual, and help you learn how to cope with aggression issues. Finding the right books, even for basic obedience training, can be just […] Read More

The Best Glucometers for Dogs: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

If your dog was recently diagnosed with diabetes, he’s not alone. Dogs and cats can develop blood sugar problems just like humans and may require insulin and monitoring of their levels. Your veterinarian may have recommended that you purchase a monitoring device or glucometer starter kit to help you record levels on a blood sugar […] Read More

Top 5 Pet Wipes: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Pet wipes are an easy way to help keep your pet clean between baths. Whether your pet needs spot cleaning or an overall freshening, the right pet wipes can help. Every smart pet owner should keep a stash of pet wipes on hand to keep their furred friends looking and smelling their best. Our Hands-On […] Read More

Best Durable Dog Toys: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Durable dog toys play a crucial role in keeping your dog happy. Although plush and squeaky toys have long been the toys of choice for many dog owners, there is a whole world of options that you can choose from for your furry friend. However, many of the most popular toys available are far from […] Read More

The Best Cat Shock Collars: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

If your cat is getting into trouble or entering areas of the home where they are not supposed to go, a cat shock collar may be the solution you’re looking for. Cat shock collars can also be quite useful when training a cat, preventing them from acting aggressively towards other animals, stopping excessive meowing, or […] Read More

Best Flea Pills for Cats: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Flea pills for cats can play a crucial role in keeping your cat free from these pests. When they are long-lasting as well as fast-acting, your cat can start having healthy skin once again. One of the biggest challenges that cat owners face is whether they can get these pills without a prescription. Even if […] Read More

Best Cat Repellent: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Cat repellents can help cat owners keep their kitties away from spaces in the home where they’re not permitted and ensure they don’t damage furniture or plants. If you’re currently dealing with feral or neighborhood cats entering your property, an outdoor cat repellent can discourage them from entering your yard. Cat repellents are available in […] Read More

The Best Lickable Cat Treats: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

If you’re looking to find new and exciting ways to reward and show your love and appreciation for your faithful kitty companion, then lickable cat treats may be the perfect way to go. Lickable cat treats are a fun and interactive way for cat owners to spend some time with their kitties while letting them […] Read More

The Best Soft Cat Treats: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

If you have a senior cat or a cat with dental problems, dry cat treats may be too hard and challenging for them to chew. Choosing a soft cat treat can allow cats with no teeth or other chewing problems to enjoy a tasty treat as well. Soft cat treats can also help you hide […] Read More

High Calorie Cat Food: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

If you have an underweight or sick cat or senior kitty, helping them gain weight is important. One of the best ways to help your furry friend gain weight is by feeding them additional calories. Choosing a high calorie food can help you reach this goal. High-calorie foods are specially formulated to be higher in […] Read More

Antibiotics for Dogs: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Our Top Picks Just looking for the answer? Here are our top picks for the Best Dog Food for Allergies. You can keep reading to see our full reviews below. Antibiotics for dogs help treat a range of bacterial infections. Whether you get antibiotics with or without a vet prescription, you can trust that they […] Read More

Best litter box: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Selecting a new litter box for your cat or kitten (or multiple cats) isn’t exactly a glamorous task, but it is certainly an important one. Litter boxes are essential for any cat owner and finding one that will meet your specific needs and preferences is important. Not that long ago, there weren’t that many different […] Read More

The Best Dewormer for Cats: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Worms in cats can lead to a variety of negative side effects. These can include diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, a distended abdomen, lesions on the skin, and a dull coat that lacks its normal shine. If you’re concerned your cat is facing a worm infestation, your first step should be to contact your veterinarian. Once […] Read More

The Best Air Purifier for Pets: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

We all love our cats and dogs, but sometimes their dander or hair can irritate allergies or cause too much odor in a home. Purchasing an air purifier can help ensure that the air in your home remains clean to alleviate pet allergies and asthma made words by dander and hair and keep pet odors […] Read More

Best Slow Eating Dog Bowls: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

The benefits of using slow-eating dog bowls are many: They’re great for fast eaters and to slow eating for dogs with a risk of digestive and health issues such as bloat or obesity. They also make your dog feel full sooner and prevent overeating. There are several types of slow-eating dog bowls to choose from, […] Read More

Best Hamster Food: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Did you just bring home a new hamster? Are you working on planning out the best diets to meet your hamster’s needs? We understand how important it is to do your research before choosing food for a beloved pet! You may be looking for pellets, seeds, fresh food, organic food, treats, or some mix of […] Read More

The Best Automatic Dog Feeders: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Experts suggest we feed our canines two to three times a day, preferably at the same time. Life doesn’t make that easy. Rushing out in the morning for work, getting stuck at the office, meeting with friends for a quick drink, all this can interfere with maintaining a schedule. The bottom line: often pets are […] Read More

Best Kitten Food: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Did you just bring home a new, cuddly kitten? Or are you making sure that you have everything in place to bring one home soon? If so, finding the healthiest, best kitten food is probably high on your list of things to do. There are many different features to consider when shopping for kitten food. […] Read More

The Best Puppy Bowls: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Dogs are creatures of habit, so getting the right bowls during puppyhood is important. As your puppy develops, he will become attached to his food bowl, associate it with his dog food, and with you feeding him. There are few things he prizes more than that. However, choosing the right bowls the first time is […] Read More

Best Sifting Litter Box: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

We love our cats; there’s no question about that. But, cleaning out their litter box? That is a task that hardly any cat parents enjoy. Sifting litter boxes are here to save the day. They feature a unique multi-layer design with slots on one layer. Cat owners can lift out the top layer to sift […] Read More

Best Elevated Slow Feeder Dog Bowl: Reviewed for 2021 Picture

Elevated slow feeder dog bowls promote ease of access to water and food. They also facilitate the movement of food from mouth to stomach. The bowls are excellent resources for conditions where you need to deal with a specific type of pooch or unique feeding issues. These devices come with a stand and are available […] Read More