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The AZ Animals team has spent years working with and studying the latest research on what products are best for our pets and yours, and we're excited to share our expert pet product recommendations with you.

If your dog was recently diagnosed with diabetes, he’s not alone. Dogs and cats can develop blood sugar problems just like humans and may require insulin and monitoring of their levels. Your veterinarian may have recommended that you purchase a monitoring device or glucometer starter kit to help you record levels on a blood sugar […] Read More

Pet wipes are an easy way to help keep your pet clean between baths. Whether your pet needs spot cleaning or an overall freshening, the right pet wipes can help. Every smart pet owner should keep a stash of pet wipes on hand to keep their furred friends looking and smelling their best. Our Hands-On […] Read More

Durable dog toys play a crucial role in keeping your dog happy. Although plush and squeaky toys have long been the toys of choice for many dog owners, there is a whole world of options that you can choose from for your furry friend. However, many of the most popular toys available are far from […] Read More

If your cat is getting into trouble or entering areas of the home where they are not supposed to go, a cat shock collar may be the solution you’re looking for. Cat shock collars can also be quite useful when training a cat, preventing them from acting aggressively towards other animals, stopping excessive meowing, or […] Read More

Flea pills for cats can play a crucial role in keeping your cat free from these pests. When they are long-lasting as well as fast-acting, your cat can start having healthy skin once again. One of the biggest challenges that cat owners face is whether they can get these pills without a prescription. Even if […] Read More

Cat repellents can help cat owners keep their kitties away from spaces in the home where they’re not permitted and ensure they don’t damage furniture or plants. If you’re currently dealing with feral or neighborhood cats entering your property, an outdoor cat repellent can discourage them from entering your yard. Cat repellents are available in […] Read More

If you’re looking to find new and exciting ways to reward and show your love and appreciation for your faithful kitty companion, then lickable cat treats may be the perfect way to go. Lickable cat treats are a fun and interactive way for cat owners to spend some time with their kitties while letting them […] Read More

If you have a senior cat or a cat with dental problems, dry cat treats may be too hard and challenging for them to chew. Choosing a soft cat treat can allow cats with no teeth or other chewing problems to enjoy a tasty treat as well. Soft cat treats can also help you hide […] Read More

If you have an underweight or sick cat or senior kitty, helping them gain weight is important. One of the best ways to help your furry friend gain weight is by feeding them additional calories. Choosing a high calorie food can help you reach this goal. High-calorie foods are specially formulated to be higher in […] Read More

Antibiotics for dogs help treat a range of bacterial infections. Whether you get antibiotics with or without a vet prescription, you can trust that they will help restore your dog to health. Antibiotics might come in liquid, pills, or ointment. Antibiotics have been commonly prescribed for skin infections. Dog antibiotics have a different dosage than […] Read More

Selecting a new litter box for your cat or kitten (or multiple cats) isn’t exactly a glamorous task, but it is certainly an important one. Litter boxes are essential for any cat owner and finding one that will meet your specific needs and preferences is important. Not that long ago, there weren’t that many different […] Read More

Worms in cats can lead to a variety of negative side effects. These can include diarrhea, vomiting, weight loss, a distended abdomen, lesions on the skin, and a dull coat that lacks its normal shine. If you’re concerned your cat is facing a worm infestation, your first step should be to contact your veterinarian. Once […] Read More

We all love our cats and dogs, but sometimes their dander or hair can irritate allergies or cause too much odor in a home. Purchasing an air purifier can help ensure that the air in your home remains clean to alleviate pet allergies and asthma made words by dander and hair and keep pet odors […] Read More

The benefits of using slow-eating dog bowls are many: They’re great for fast eaters and to slow eating for dogs with a risk of digestive and health issues such as bloat or obesity. They also make your dog feel full sooner and prevent overeating. There are several types of slow-eating dog bowls to choose from, […] Read More

Did you just bring home a new hamster? Are you working on planning out the best diets to meet your hamster’s needs? We understand how important it is to do your research before choosing food for a beloved pet! You may be looking for pellets, seeds, fresh food, organic food, treats, or some mix of […] Read More

Experts suggest we feed our canines two to three times a day, preferably at the same time. Life doesn’t make that easy. Rushing out in the morning for work, getting stuck at the office, meeting with friends for a quick drink, all this can interfere with maintaining a schedule. The bottom line: often pets are […] Read More

Did you just bring home a new, cuddly kitten? Or are you making sure that you have everything in place to bring one home soon? If so, finding the healthiest, best kitten food is probably high on your list of things to do. There are many different features to consider when shopping for kitten food. […] Read More

Dogs are creatures of habit, so getting the right bowls during puppyhood is important. As your puppy develops, he will become attached to his food bowl, associate it with his dog food, and with you feeding him. There are few things he prizes more than that. However, choosing the right bowls the first time is […] Read More

We love our cats; there’s no question about that. But, cleaning out their litter box? That is a task that hardly any cat parents enjoy. Sifting litter boxes are here to save the day. They feature a unique multi-layer design with slots on one layer. Cat owners can lift out the top layer to sift […] Read More

Elevated slow feeder dog bowls promote ease of access to water and food. They also facilitate the movement of food from mouth to stomach. The bowls are excellent resources for conditions where you need to deal with a specific type of pooch or unique feeding issues. These devices come with a stand and are available […] Read More

Does your dog scarf down food as quickly as you fill-up the bowl? Most dogs are champion eaters, but there are times when it’s important to slow down their feeding. Dogs who inhale their chow can end up with stomach problems and serious illnesses. There are many benefits to slowing down your pup’s gobbling ways. […] Read More

Your dog needs a bowl. Plain and simple. And those words describe the misconception associated with the typical product. Dog bowls seem plain and simple in design and, in actuality, don’t require a lot of thinking to use. But dog bowls remain critical instruments in keeping poochy content. Getting the right bowl can leave you […] Read More

When you have dogs or even just one dog, keeping all of their supplies neat and organized can be a challenge. You want their leash and collar right by the door in a convenient spot for the next walk, but they can take up a lot of space on the floor or become an eyesore […] Read More

Many dog owners love the design of a retractable dog leash. These leashes allow you to customize the length of your dog’s leash depending on the situation. You can choose from a length of just a few inches to the longest lengths of up to 26 feet. Retractable leashes allow you to customize the amount […] Read More

Choosing the best dog leash will help you safely take your pup out for walks without fear of them breaking off of their leash and escaping. The best dog leashes will also help you maintain control of your dog in crowded situations while giving them a bit more freedom to explore and sniff when it […] Read More

Trying to walk two dogs at once can be a real challenge. One dog wants to go in one direction and the other dog wants to go in a different direction. Before you know it, your dogs’ leashes are all tangled up and you’re getting frustrated. So, is a double dog leash the best solution? […] Read More

There is always something exciting about having a package delivered, so let your dog bring a smile to others by dressing him or her up as a UPS carrier! Selecting the best costume for your dog is never an easy task — not to don’t worry, we’re here to help. We’ve reviewed some of the […] Read More

Star Wars fans, listen up! Halloween is coming up, and now’s the time to snag a costume for your dog. Honor your love of the force by dressing your dog in a Star Wars costume. Here are our top picks — all verified reviews for 2021! #1 Overall Best Yoda Dog Costume: This Yoda ears […] Read More

Superheroes are the icons fans swoon over, and sometimes, one of the best ways to honor your favorite superhero is to dress your dog up like them. And with Halloween coming up quickly, it’s time to start planning how your dog will dress up to celebrate. Mix the best of both worlds by dressing your […] Read More

With Halloween right around the corner, dog owners are on the hunt for this year’s award-winning costume for their dogs. If you have a large dog, know it deserves a costume that’s ideal for a large dog. We have reviewed some of the best costumes for dogs, and here are the top picks for large […] Read More

Halloween is one of the most fun times of year — especially if you have a dog. When you’re ready to start shopping for your dog’s Halloween costume, you’ll want to be choosy. We have reviewed dozens of dog costumes for dogs of all sizes, and these are the best dog costumes for medium-sized dogs. […] Read More

Dog owners know that no two dogs are alike, and therefore, there is no one-size-fits-all Halloween costume for dogs. Big dogs deserve big dog costumes, and small dogs deserve small dog costumes. If your pup falls into the “small dog” category, these are the best costumes for your pooch this Halloween. #1 Overall Best Dog […] Read More

With Halloween right around the corner, it’s not too early to start thinking about the best Halloween costume for your dog. From pumpkins and pirates to Grinch and Olaf costumes for dogs, these are the top dog costumes — verified and reviewed by A-Z-Animals.com — that will make this Halloween the best yet! #1 Overall […] Read More

Do you want to dress up your dog in a Baby Yoda costume? Read this guide to see our top selections for the best Baby Yoda costumes for your favorite pup. Cutest Alien Ever When Disney released the last entry in the long-running Star Wars franchise, The Mandalorian, one character stole moviegoers’ hearts. The baby […] Read More

If your kids are dressing up as Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, or any of the other characters from the movie Frozen, you may be thinking about dressing your pup up as Olaf. Or, perhaps you’re just a fan of the movie and think Olaf is the perfect costume for your pup even if no one else […] Read More

Dragons are amazing mythical creatures that can fly, blow smoke, and breathe fire. If you are on the hunt for the perfect costume for your dog, you really can’t go wrong choosing a powerful dragon. There are a lot of dragon costumes available on the market. While this is good in the sense that it […] Read More

If you or someone in your house loves all things Pokémon, why not up your game a bit by dressing your dog up in a Pokémon costume? A Pokémon costume is perfect for dog costume contests, Halloween parties, and trick-or-treating. Even people who aren’t obsessed with Pokémon know what the characters look like and will […] Read More

Is anything more associated with Halloween than a pumpkin? This year, why not consider dressing your dog up as a pumpkin for trick-or-treating or a costume party. Dressing your dog up as a smiling jack-o-lantern is sure to draw lots of comments about how adorable he is and may even help him win the big […] Read More

What’s black, white, and super cute? A panda, of course! If you’re searching for the best costume for your dog, a panda may be up towards the top of your list. However, if you’ve done a quick search online, you’ve probably realized that there are a lot of panda costumes for pups that are on […] Read More

The Grinch may be a Christmas book and movie, but let’s be honest, there’s room for a fun character like the Grinch any day of the year. This is especially true on Halloween since dressing up as the Grinch or other characters from the book or movie can be fun. Why leave your dog out […] Read More

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice! You know if you say Beetlejuice three times, he will appear right in front of you! Only, this time, instead of the human version, you’ll be staring down your pup dressed up as Beetlejuice. A fun Beetlejuice costume for your dog is sure to be the hit of the next costume party […] Read More

Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you? You’ll have everyone singing the theme song when they see your pup decked out as Scooby-Doo this year. What better costume for your dog than one of the most famous, mystery-solving pups out there? If you’re looking to find the best Scooby-Doo costume for your dog, you’ve come to […] Read More

A skeleton is the quintessential Halloween costume. Choose a skeleton dog costume for your pup this year for your Halloween parties or trick-or-treating events in the neighborhood. Whether you’re planning to go as a whole skeleton family or just looking for a cute costume for your dog, choosing a skeleton costume is an excellent option. […] Read More

Is The Nightmare Before Christmas one of your favorite movies? Do you want to pay homage to the movie by dressing your dog up as one of the characters? If so, Zero, the ghost dog is a great choice, but there are also dog costumes available for many of the other characters from the movie. […] Read More

Ahoy, matey! If buried treasures and sailing the deep blue sea excite you, why not dress up your dog as a pirate this year? They can conquer the neighborhood trick-or-treating or rake in the riches at a costume party. A pirate costume can be a great pick for a dog, however, finding the right one […] Read More

If you love horror movies, Halloween may just be one of your favorite holidays. Why not take the opportunity to dress up your dog as one of the most famous horror movie characters: Chucky? We’ve rounded up some of the most frightening Chucky dog costumes that are sure to send shivers running down the spines […] Read More

Many dog owners consider October the most wonderful time of the year. Why? Because they can dress their dogs up in Halloween costumes. If your pup enjoys playing dress-up — for Halloween or any time of year — indulge them with a fabulous get-up. Go ahead and spring for a Halloween costume for your dog. […] Read More

Are you or someone else in the family dressing up as Han Solo this year? Do you want your dog to be his trusty partner, Chewbacca? You may also be considering a Chewbacca costume for your pup even if they’re the only ones getting dressed up this year. Chewbacca has a pretty amazing personality, and […] Read More

Spiders are creepy and scary, making them an excellent choice for a Halloween costume. If you’ve been trying to decide what to dress up your dog this year, why not make them a spider? Whether you’re heading out trick-or-treating or hanging out at a costume party, you’re sure to get a lot of compliments about […] Read More