Peringuey's Adder Animal Pictures

B. peringueyi

Peringuey's Adder on white background

Peringuey's Adder on white background
Image Credit Martin Mecnarowski/

Peringuey's adders have strongly keeled scales that collect moisture from the fog in the area.

Peringuey adder on the sand

Peringuey's adder on the sand
Image Credit Ken Griffiths/

Sidewinders leave a distinct trail as they travel across the sand.

peringuey's adder eating a lizard

Peringuey's Adder feeding
Image Credit Stefan Scharf/

Peringuey's adders eat nothing but lizards.

Peringuey's adder with black tail, flicking tongue.

Peringuey's adder with black tail
Image Credit AZ Outdoor Photography/

About 25% of Peringuey's adders have black tails.