Polish Chicken Animal Pictures

Gallus gallus domesticus

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Polish chicken

A White Crested Black Polish Bantam Chicken hen in a backyard farm staring into the camera. The head feathers resemble a flamboyant hairstyle.
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The large crest on a Polish chicken can obscure vision, preventing them from seeing a swooping bird of prey.

Polish chicken skull vs. Cochin chicken skull

Polish chicken skull vs. Cochin chicken skull
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The skull of a Polish chicken rooster is compared to that of a Cochin chicken rooster of similar size.

mostly black Polish chicken

A mostly black Polish chicken with a mostly white, very round crest / crown standing on a coarse gray mat with an out-of-focus wooden coop as a background.
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The American Poultry Association recognizes ten different color patterns in both large and bantam varieties, and another color, Non-Bearded Black Crested White, in only the large size.

Buff Laced Polish chicken with crest of feathers - Davie, Florida, USA
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