Puss Caterpillar Animal Pictures

Megalopyge opercularis

© Brett Hondow/Shutterstock.com

Caterpillar of the Southern flannel moth on oak leaf. The caterpillar is cover in light hairs with a rusty-orange strip dissecting the length of its body. It is on a green oak leaf.
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Macro of a Southern flannel moth caterpillar, called a puss caterpillar. It s covered in lkhaki colored hair. It is is rounder on the end in the left frame. The end in the right frame comes to a point. It is on a green leaf with visible veins.
© Brett Hondow/Shutterstock.com

The cocoon of a puss caterpillar is visible center frame. It is attached to a Y shaped tree limb. The limb is horizontal, making the Y of the limb sideways. The cocoon which is mostly shades of gray, is triangular with it'd point facing down. The cocoon is attached to th lower lomb. right below ere it forks into a sideways Y. Against blue isolate.
© Lacy L. Hyche, Auburn University, United States, CC BY-SA 3.0 — License (Original)

Macro of a Southern flannel moth. The moth is facing the right. It is an overhaed shot. The moth is quit hairy and is tan with black and yellow accents. It is on brick red background.
© Patrick Coin (Patrick Coin), CC BY-SA 2.5 — License (Original)