The 200 Best Dog Names that Start With L

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Written by Sharon Parry

Published: April 12, 2024

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Getting your dog‘s name right is important. Let’s face it, you are going to be hollering it in the park for the next decade or so. Dog names that start with L are popular as this consonant rolls off the tongue. After all, Lassie, perhaps the most famous dog of the last century, began with an ‘L’. Here’s our comprehensive list of dog names that start with L.

Male Human Names for Dogs That Start With L

close up. a dog licks a young man,s nose in the garden

There are plenty of male names beginning with L to choose from.

©Magui-rfajardo/iStock via Getty Images

Giving your male dog a human name is very popular. It confirms their place as a member of the family – as if that was needed! Here are our top suggestions.

  1. Lenny
  2. Lawrie
  3. Lance
  4. Leonardo
  5. Logan
  6. Liam
  7. Lucca
  8. Lennox
  9. Lesley
  10. Lional
  11. Lorenzo
  12. Lincoln
  13. Lloyd
  14. Lukas
  15. Luke
  16. Lawson
  17. Leighton
  18. Lee
  19. Linus
  20. Les

Female Human Names for Dogs That Start With L

Young woman hugging her dog and laughing

Lots of owners choose female human names for their dogs.

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Many human female names beginning with L are pretty and dainty whilst others have a melodious sound. All of these would suit your gorgeous female dogs.

21. Lily

22. Lucy

23. Luna

24. Layla

25. Lydia

26. Lucy

27. Lucia

28. Laura

29. Lana

30. Lauren

31. Louise

32. Lara

33. Liv

34. Louisa

35. Linda

36. Lisa

37. Lizzie

38. Lottie

39. Lyndsey

40. Lil

Celtic Names for Dogs That Start With L

Celtic Pattern on Stone with Moss

A Celtic name is mysterious and deep.


In the Welsh language, a double L (ll) is a single letter and has a harsher sound that is almost like a hiss. It also starts some of the most beautiful Celtic names for dogs.

41. Llinos

42. Llewelyn

43. Llawr

44. Lleucu

45. Llyr

46. Llew

47. Llur

48. Llanddew

49. Llewella

50. Llygad

Place Names for Dogs That Start With L

Skyscrapers of The City in London at sunrise in 2014. Buildings include 122 Leadenhall Street (aka the Cheesegrater), 30 St Mary Axe (aka The Gerkin) and 20 Fenchurch Street (aka The Walkie-Talkie)

Places beginning with L make a cool pup’s name.


Place names are always popular for dogs. In the list below there are a selection of locations that lend themselves to doggy names. You don’t have to have been there to use it for your dog!

51. London

52. Lucerne

53. Lexington

54. Lincoln

55. Laredo

56. Lansing

57. Lufkin

58. Leyland

59. Luton

60. Lambeth

61. Laval

62. Leduc

63. Lameroo

64. Lambton

65. Lavelle

66. Lemont

67. Linburn

68. Linga

69. Loccota

70. Liffey

Action Names for Dogs That Start With L

Bloodhound dog sleeping on the floor indoors, close-up

Even loafing around is an action name!

©Kuznetsov Alexey/

You don’t have to stick to nouns for your dog’s name. Check out some of these action words that make great names for dogs.

71. Love

72. Loaf

73. Lurk

74. Loap

75. Lash

76. Loan

77. Leaven

78. Log

79. Loll

80. Leap

Nature inspired Names for Dogs That Start With L

Larch forest in autumn

Larch is a great example of a nature-inspired dog’s name.

©PhilAugustavo/iStock via Getty Images

Dogs love spending time in natural surroundings so nature-inspired dog names are always popular. Start by looking at trees and plants that start with L. Here are a few ideas.

81. Longan

82. Loquat

83. Lilac

84. Lindens

85. Larch

86. Lychee

87. Longjack

88. Lacebark

89. Lupine

90. Lavender

Cartoon character inspired Names for Dogs That Start With L

Starbucks offers free puppuccinos for pups, which are small cups filled with whipped cream.

Loads of dogs are named after cartoon characters.

©Mknoxgray/ via Getty Images

Cartoon character names are always well known and many owners choose them for their pooch. They are often very popular with the younger members of the family. Why not try to match one with your pup’s personality?

91. Lady

92. Lightening

93. Lumiere

94. Lilo

95. Lola

96. Lotso

97. Luigi

98. Le Fou

99. Lampwick

100. Lucifer

101. Lucky

102. Lumpy

103. Linguini

104. Lampwick

105. Legend

106. Lazlo

107. Leo

108. Lolie

109. Lani

110. Lala

Animal Names for Dogs That Start With L

Chinese water dragons are a cheap option for experienced lizard owners.

Why not name your pup after another animal?

©Tom Meaker/iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

Dogs can be named after any animal! Perhaps your dog has the traits of one of the following animals? Or go for the ironic approach and pick one that is their exact opposite.

111. Lamprey

112. Leech

113. Limpet

114. Lion

115. Lizard

116. Loach

117. Lemming

118. Leopard

119. Lowchen

120. Lynx

Food and Drink-Inspired Names for Dogs That Start With L

Background of sweet candies and lollipops

Lollipop is a sweet name for your pup.

©5second/iStock via Getty Images

Dogs love their food so a food or drink inspired name is a great choice. Don’t forget that whilst you can call your dog these things, many of them are not actually safe for your dog to eat!

121. Lemon

122. Leek

123. Lentil

124. Licorice

125. Lime

126. Linguini

127. Lollipop

128. Latte

129. Lipton

130. Lamb

131. Loco moco

132. Leben

133. Lox

134. Lovage

135. Lavash

136. Limpa

137. Legume

138. Liver

139. Lobscouse

140. Liquer

Household Object Inspired Names for Dogs That Start With L

A small incandescent light bulb or lamp on white hard surface

Look around your house for dog name inspiration.

©Priyanka Naskar/iStock via Getty Images

Have a look around your house for everyday objects that would make a great dog’s name. You may have a lightbulb moment!

141. Locket

142. Lozenge

143. Litter

144. Lipstick

145. Link

146. Lighter

147. Light

148. Lever

149. Lens

150. Lego

151. Leather

152. Latch

153. Laser

154. Laundry

155. Lantern

156. Ladel

157. Lace

158. Lapel

159. Lute

160. Lattice

161. Lamp

162. Lawn

163. Loft

164. Lav

165. Lounge

Country Inspired Names for Dogs That Start With L

Castle of Larochette, Luxembourg

Luxembourg is just one country that starts with L

©Mikel Trako/

Get your atlas out and hunt for places that start with L. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

166. Luxembourg

167. Laos

168. Lithuania

169. Latvia

170. Lichtenstein

171. Lebanon

172. Libya

173. Liberia

174. Lesotho

River-Inspired Names for Dogs That Start With L

Meeting of the rivers, the New River joins the Gauley River in Gauley Bridge, West Virginia to form the Kanawha River, a tributray of the Ohio River

Rivers have some amazing names.

©Malachi Jacobs/

Walking by a river with a dog is very special experience so why not choose one of the thousands of river names for your dog?

175. Lyre

176. Lynches

177. Lummi

178. Lovell

179. Loup

180. Lostine

181. Loramie

182. Lochsa

183. Lewis

184. Levisa

185. Lester

186. Leipsic

187. Lavaca

188. Lamprey

189. Lamar

190. Lane

Mountain Inspired Names for Dogs That Start With L

Teton Mountain Range in Autumn

Mountains and mountain ranges can be used for dog’s names.

©arlutz73/iStock via Getty Images

Here are just a few of the many mountains and mountain ranges that have great names you could use for your dog.

191. Lindita

191. Lingon

193. Lata

194. Lyell

195. Langille

196. Loma

197. Liberty

198. Lassen

199. Levelland

200. Luxor

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