Zoe Carina
Author for A-Z Animals

Zoe Carina is a writer at A-Z Animals who primarily covers plants, animals, and places around the world. Zoe has been a professional copywriter and freelancer for six years and holds a bachelors degree in communications from Florida State University, which they earned in 2019.

A resident of Oregon, Zoe runs a blog called Intuitive Traveler, where they write about traveling and language learning.

Do Ducks Make Good Pets? Picture

About Ducks Many people ask whether ducks make good companions. Ducks are omnivores that live in both fresh- and saltwater habitats. The scientific name of the animal is Anas platyrhynchos.… Read More

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Do Rabbits Make Good Pets? Picture

About Rabbits Humans have loved rabbits for centuries, both as companions and as sources of nourishment and clothing. Rabbits are bipedal herbivores that live in large groups. Their scientific name… Read More

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Do Cats Go Through Puberty? Picture

Since humans began domesticating felines eons ago, they have been curious about puberty in cats. Humans go through a prolonged period, years, of adolescence, that includes mood swings, behavioral changes,… Read More

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Do Dogs Go Through Puberty? Picture

As people, we go through adolescence over a prolonged period of time, years spent in the throes of mood swings, behavioral changes, and hormones. It might be surprising to learn… Read More

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8 Cheapest Mice to Keep as Pets Picture

There are many factors that go into choosing the right pet. Potential owners have to keep environment, lifestyle, and budget in mind, among other things. While many people choose a… Read More

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