All Of Your Cat’s Crazy Behaviors, Explained

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Written by Kirstin Harrington

Updated: July 10, 2022

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There’s no denying that cats do weird things! If you’re a parent to a feline, you’ve likely seen them stare at what appears to be nothing, bat at your eyes, and even randomly scream. Thankfully, there are plenty of valid and real explanations as to why your cat friends have these strange behaviors. In our ongoing pursuit to educate our readers, AZA has written articles about individual “odd” behaviors, which you’ll find in a handy table below. 

One of the most common “weird” behaviors that cats do is “make biscuits.” Content cats tend to knead to express their delight. When being caressed or snuggled into a resting position, cats frequently knead. Your cat could knead on your lap to express her affection and satisfaction, then sink in for a cuddle or a snooze. Kneading might help an anxious cat relax and unwind. 

Something else strange that felines do that they have in common with dogs is eating grass! To increase its vitamin levels, a cat may munch on grass. Grass includes folic acid, a vitamin that aids in the transport of oxygen through the bloodstream. Many experts feel that eating grass might help soothe sore throats, while others say that cats just love the flavor and texture.

Drooling simply indicates that your cat is really comfortable and pleased with you. It’s similar to how people drool when they’re fully relaxed and falling asleep. Drooling before feeding times or when getting their favorite snacks out of the cabinet is usually nothing to be concerned about.

Has your cat ever stared behind you at an empty wall? For all we know, he could be spotting Casper the ghost, but experts say otherwise. Unlike humans, cats have more rod cells, which allows them to detect dim light and track motions. Cats can detect small insects that we can’t, so it may appear as if they’re looking at nothing while there’s a swarm of bugs in front of them. We don’t know which is more unsettling: a ghost or a swarm of tiny insects!

Want to know more about our feline friends’ strange and peculiar behaviors? Take a look at our detailed guide of blogs we’ve curated just for you! We invite you to check back frequently to read new articles as we add them to the table.

Unusual BehaviorIs It Normal?What Does It Mean?Suggested Products
Why Do Cats Scream When Mating?Yes They’re attracting other cats. 1. Calming collars, especially to destress females in heat
Why Do Cats Drool? Is Something Wrong?YesOccurs when they’re really relaxed or stressed. They may also drool when they are hungry or have dental problems.1. Quality cat food for when drooling means your cat’s hungry, 2. dental insurance in case your cat’s drooling is due to a dental issue
Why Do Cats Sneeze?YesTheir body is getting rid of irritants1. Cat food formulated for kitties with allergies, 2. health insurance so a vet can diagnose the cause and treatment
Why Do Cats Stare At You? YesThe cat could be hungry, showing love or affection, or just might be interested in you.1. Nutritious organic cat food for when they’re just hungry, 2. an interactive toy in case the stare means, “Let’s play!”
Why Do Cats Sleep On You? Yes They like you! 1. A cozy bed all their own
Why Does My Cat Bite Me? Unprovoked Attacks ExplainedYesUsually, because they’ve reached their threshold for attention from you, such as too many hugs, kisses, or strokes1. An indoor cat house so your kitty can be alone, 2. a covered cave bed where they can hide away and destress
Why Do Cats Hate Water?YesThey don’t like for their fur to be weighed down, they’re unfamiliar with large bodies of water, they like to be in control, and they may have had a previous bad experience during bathing1. Cat grooming gloves so you can remove excess hair and dirt without water
Why Do Cats Hiss?YesAs a warning, they’re in pain, someone is in their territory, or they’re feeling maternal.1. A calming collar to help them destress, 2. health insurance in case they are in pain and require veterinary care
Why Do Cats Lick Each Other? MaybeTo clean each other, display affection, care for kittens (cleaning, adding mom’s scent), conflict resolution, and temperature regulation. Excessive licking of their own genitals may indicate an underlying health issue, such as a urinary problem.1. Health insurance in case your kitty has a medical issue such as a urinary tract infection (UTI)
Why Do Cats Knead?YesNursing kittens knead to stimulate their mom’s mammary glands to expel milk. Adult cats knead when they’re happy, stretch muscles, and mark territory. Female cats may knead when they’re in heat.None
Why Do Cats Throw Up?MaybeVomiting in cats may be caused by hairballs, food poisoning, parasites, ingesting foreign objects, inflammatory bowel disease, diabetes, cancer, kidney diseases, and hyperthyroidism. 1. Kong ZoomGroom Multi-Use Brush to minimize hairballs, 2. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Corded Handheld Vacuum to vacuum shed hair, 3.
Blue Buffalo Hairball & Weight Control cat food to help combat hairballs
Why Do Cats Spray?MaybeTo mark territory, to communicate something to other cats or their owner through scent, due to health issues, dirty or uncomfortable litter box, stress, to attract a mate, insufficient access to litter boxes (in homes with multiple pets), change in location or routine1. PetFusion BetterBox Non-Stick Litter Box in case your cat has an issue with its current litter box, 2. LitterMaid® Single Cat Self-Cleaning Litter Box because cats won’t use a dirty litter box, 3. Urine Off Cat & Kitten Formula to remove urine stains and odors
Why Do Cats PurrYesBecause they feel safe and relaxed, when they’re afraid or stressed, to soothe themselves when they’re in pain, to heal themselves, and to signify hunger. Also, mother cats purr to create a bond with their kittens.1. Frisco Elevated Cat Bed so your cat feels safe and relaxed, 2. Tender & True Organic Cat Food in case it’s hungry, 3. WholeHearted Grain Free Salmon Recipe Pate Senior Wet Cat Food in case your cat prefers canned food

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