Are Dogs Allowed At Disney World? 3 Important Rules to Know

Written by Jaydee Williams
Published: March 2, 2024
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So you’ve just booked a vacation at “The Most Magical Place on Earth”, and you’re wondering what to do with Fido. You’ve come to the right place! We’re going to cover whether or not dogs are allowed at Disney World, what rules there are to follow, and how to make the most of your pup’s vacation!

First, let’s cover what Disney World is — Walt Disney World refers to the 25,000-acre property (which is larger than Manhattan) in Bay Lake that contains four theme parks, two water parks, four golf courses, two mini-golf courses, as well as many resorts and other affiliated attractions. 

Cinderella's Castle at Walt Disney World in Orlando

Magic Kingdom is one of the four theme parks on Walt Disney World property.

©Sam Howzit / Wikimedia Commons – License

Are Dogs Allowed At Disney World?

Dogs are allowed on Disney World property, and there is even a pet boarding facility called Best Friends Pet Care. Dogs are also allowed at four of the Disney World hotels. This includes Art of Animation, Port Orleans- Riverside, Yacht Club, and The Cabins at Fort Wilderness. 

However, dogs (excluding service animals) are not allowed at any theme parks, water parks, restaurants, pool areas, or other recreational spaces. 

What Can You Do With Your Dog While You’re At A Park?

The most important thing is that under no circumstance is it okay to leave your dog in a vehicle. Not only is it illegal, but Florida is hot, even in the winter, and at least one dog has allegedly died in the parking lot of Disney World. There is no good reason to leave your dog in a vehicle, even if you crack the windows.

Instead, consider staying at one of the on-site resorts that allow dogs. You can leave your pet in your (air-conditioned) room while you explore the parks for the day.

If you’re not planning to stay on-site, or if you’re just there for the day, you can leave your pets at Best Friends Pet Care. The pet hotel is on the property and is open an hour before the theme parks open and an hour after they close. 

Best Friends Pet Hotel accommodates up to 300 dogs, cats, and other pets. There is usually space, but reservations are recommended. Best Friends Pet Hotel offers tons of service levels, from basic indoor boarding to ‘club suites.’ Higher service levels can get your dog a personal concierge, a flat-screen TV, and even a bedtime story!

Something important to know is that your pet needs to be up-to-date on vaccines with written veterinarian proof for boarding. 

Dog and cat sleeping together

Keep your pets safe by boarding them at Disney World’s pet hotel instead of leaving them in a vehicle.


Are Other Pets Allowed At Disney World?

At this time, dogs are the only animals allowed at the four pet-friendly resorts. However, Best Friends Pet Care will accept all animals except for venomous pets or primates. If you bring a pet other than a dog or cat, you will need to provide an enclosure for it. 

Dogs at Disney World: 3 Rules to Remember

  1. Pets (excluding service animals) are not allowed in theme parks, water parks, or restaurants.
  2. You can board your dog (or other pet) at Best Friends Pet Care, an on-site boarding facility.
  3. It is illegal to leave your dog in a parked vehicle. If you see any animal in a vehicle while at Disney World, tell a Cast Member immediately.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Jedi94 at English Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons – License / Original

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