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Do Bed Bugs Jump? Picture

Do bed bugs jump? No, bed bugs do not jump. Unlike crickets or grasshoppers, bed bugs don’t have the strong back legs required to propel themselves off the ground. But despite being unable to jump, bed bugs are able to reach a variety of areas in a home, hotel, college dormitory, and other locations. Learn […] Read More

Types of Beetles: The Complete List Picture

Beetles are the most common type of insect. There are many different types of beetles, all the way from the hardy dung beetle to the pesky weevil to the cute ladybug. While the following is not a complete list of beetles, it will tell you the facts about the most common types of beetles, including […] Read More

Rare Types of Cats Picture

While the International Cat Association recognizes 71 unique breeds of cats, these purebreds only represent about 5% of the overall cat population. Taking those numbers into consideration, it’s easy to understand why cats of specific breeding can cost thousands of dollars. But if the facts tell us that legitimate cat breeds only make up a […] Read More

Can Bed Bugs Live In Your Hair? Picture

Bed bugs are disgusting and frustrating pests to get rid of. Once they travel to your home, the path to eliminate them can be treacherous, which is why so many people end up calling a local pest control service. Maybe you’ve seen some little pests on your mattress or in your pillow already. Perhaps you’ve […] Read More

Where Do Bed Bugs Come From? Picture

Over the past five years or so, there has been an uptick in the number of bed bug infestations across the United States, with record numbers of outbreaks all across the country. For many people, identification was difficult. Real facts were hard to come by, so it was tricky to determine what sort of insect […] Read More

Axolotl Colors: The 10 Types of Axolotl Morphs Picture

Named after the mythical Aztec god of fire and lightning, the axolotl is a rare aquatic salamander that only exists naturally in the lake system of Mexico City. While related to the tiger salamander, the axolotl is among the most unique amphibians in the world. It will grow up and reach adulthood without ever undergoing […] Read More

Monarch Butterfly Chrysalis: What Does It Look Like? Picture

The monarch butterfly is a beautiful and colorful creature, but it takes a while to reach that part of its adult life. Understanding a few facts about the process lets you observe it in nature with ease, though some people raise monarch butterflies of their own. Read on to learn a few facts about how […] Read More

Monarch Butterfly Migration: Distance Traveled & More! Picture

The monarch butterfly migration is one of the great wonders of the natural world. Every year millions of them travel immense distances along predetermined monarch butterfly migration routes to escape the frigid weather. The process of spending the winter hunkered down in a single location is known as overwintering. While most butterflies reproduce and overwinter […] Read More

Baby Bed Bugs: Are They Visible to Humans? Picture

Baby bed bugs: Are they visible to humans? The answer is sometimes they are visible to humans and sometimes they aren’t. Baby bed bugs are tiny and very light in color. This makes them easier to see on a dark surface. Alternatively, a baby bed bug resting on a white surface like a pillowcase or […] Read More

Bed Bugs Exterminator: How to Pick the Right Company Picture

Bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of. For one thing, they hide everywhere. They also can easily spread from one person to another’s belongings, from building to building, or from room to room in a building as people move about. It’s easy to think a bed bugs exterminator can get the job done, […] Read More

10 Types of Wild Cats Picture

Lions, tigers, and jaguars are the best-known big cat breeds. However, most members of the Felid family are small wild cats that weigh under 50 pounds. Many types of wild cats prowl the forests, mountains, and jungles of the world. They vary in size, habitat, and fur type, but they share many traits. These wild […] Read More

Rare Types of Birds Picture

By the way, there’s a difference between rare and endangered, though a creature can be both! Rare animals or plants live in regions that tend to be isolated, and they are hard to find. The IUCN classifies these animals and plants as “at risk.” Endangered animals can have large populations that are found in various […] Read More

Types of Pond Turtles Picture

Have you ever stopped to watch all of the natural activity happening around a pond? A large pond in someone’s backyard or even a small fish pond just off a home’s patio can be a home to many types of animals. Fish, frogs, and ducks are just a few examples. But no pond environment is […] Read More

Monarch Butterfly Eggs: What They Look Like & More Picture

It’s hard to overlook the brilliant orange and black wings of a monarch butterfly as it moves through a garden of flowers. It’s also hard to believe that the life cycle of this incredibly colorful butterfly starts with a tiny egg. Continue reading to learn what monarch butterfly eggs look like, where they are laid, […] Read More

Different Types of Cattle Dog Breeds Picture

Dogs have played an important role in the act of herding larger domesticated animals for over 6,000 years, and they’ve managed to find their way with humans all over the world. So it only makes sense that different breeds would come into favor and adapt to different communities based on the climate, geography, or livestock. […] Read More

Top 11 Types of Rare Fish Picture

Spotting a rare fish in the wild or an aquarium is a wonderful experience. These rare fish remind us that nature is capable of endless creativity. For this list, we’ve collected what many consider the rarest fish in the ocean, and we’ve included some that live in springs, rivers, and other locations. What has made […] Read More

Types of Water Dog Breeds Picture

Water dogs are hunting dogs used to flush and retrieve birds and other game from water. An ancient dog type, they were also used by mariners to send messages between boats and recover objects lost at sea. They became the ancestors of modern retrievers. There are many breeds of water dogs ranging from the ancient […] Read More

Types of Crane Birds Picture

Tall magnificent birds with long legs and necks, cranes spend most of their lives near the shallow water of swamps, lakes, streams, and ponds to hunt for prey and construct their nests. There are 15 species of cranes still living worldwide, all of which belong to the family of Gruidae. Their diet normally consists of […] Read More

Types of Farm Dog Breeds — You’ll Love These Ranch Dogs! Picture

Hundreds of years ago, before they were commonly accepted as household companions and members of the family, dogs served many practical roles around the homestead or farm; they were bred for herding, protection, hunting, and other difficult tasks. Many are still used for this purpose today. A good farm dog breed must have several important […] Read More

The 10 Best Search and Rescue Dog Breeds Picture

Search and rescue dogs are the heroes of the canine world. Sometimes called SAR for “search and rescue,” these brave, loyal dogs work with law enforcement, first responders, and rescue teams. All SAR dogs go through many months or years of training, especially dogs who work in the most difficult types of searches and rescues. […] Read More

10 Types of Heeler Dogs Picture

Heelers are alert and energetic dogs with a ready-to-work stature. Usually smaller in size, bred to work, they’ve historically tended animals for herders. They have weather-resistant coats, provided by Mother Nature to withstand the harsh environments they find themselves in. For the most part, these canines exhibit exceptional ranges of resourcefulness and intelligence. Bred to […] Read More

Types of Big Cats Picture

What are big cats anyway? Scientists traditionally put five of them in the Panthera genus, plus the cheetah, which belongs to the Acinonyx genus, and the mountain lion, which belongs to the Puma genus. This article also includes the clouded leopard, which belongs to the Neofelis genus. Many big cats are the apex predators where […] Read More

52 Baby Animal Names: The Big List Picture

Baby animal names can be silly, sweet, and strange. One of the most common baby animal names is a cub, which can be the name of a baby bear, tiger, or even panda. Calves are the baby animal names to many as well, like baby cows or giraffes. Every species has a name – do […] Read More

Carpet Beetle Eggs: What Are The Signs? Picture

Carpet beetles are tiny insects that resemble ladybugs or bed bugs. Adults are quite small, less than 1/8-inch long in size, and oval in shape. Most have varying shades of brown, white, black, yellow, or reddish-orange in a variegated pattern, although you may occasionally find black carpet beetles. Adult carpet beetles do not cause problems […] Read More

How To Check For Bed Bugs Picture

Is there a chance you have bed bugs in your home? If you think you have bed bugs, it’s a good idea to start the process of finding out for sure. But do you know how to check for bed bugs? If not, the following facts can help you determine whether you have an infestation […] Read More

Types of Pet Birds Picture

There are at least 206 types of house birds, but not every bird is appropriate for a pet. Some birds need to live in large flocks to be healthy and happy. Others have an instinct to migrate, while others have a diet that is so specialized that it would be difficult for their owner to […] Read More

Cutest Bat: Which Bat Species is The Cutest in The World? Picture

For many people, the word “cute” used to describe a bat does not compute. These folks are likely afraid of bats because they associate them with deadly viruses, darkness, or evil. Granted, bats are somewhat weird animals, being the only mammals that can achieve true flight. Many also fly at night, and some of them […] Read More

Types of Toy Dog Breeds Picture

Cute, charismatic, affectionate, and among the cheapest breeds to own and care for, toy dogs such as spaniels, terriers, and pinschers are defined primarily by their small size. Many owners appreciate that they remain short and compact forever, almost like puppies. This article will cover some interesting facts about the most popular types of toy […] Read More

8 Shortest Living Animals in the World Picture

The process of natural selection favors species with longevity, but it can be dangerous to assume that an individually long lifespan is a reflection of a species’ long-term feasibility. The Greenland shark is recognized as one of the longest living animals on Earth, but its lifespan of up to 500 years is reflected in the […] Read More

What is the Big Black Beetle in My House & Yard? Picture

Beetles are part of the Coleoptera family of insects. There are 400,000 species worldwide that include the black beetle found in the house or in the yard. These insects are common enough to cause an infestation easily and are a species of Least Concern. Different beetles exist in all land areas aside from the polar […] Read More

Top 8 Rare Breeds of Dogs Picture

Dogs were first domesticated between 20,000 and 40,000 years ago, and humanity has not been shy about selectively breeding traits they find practical for survival or even just aesthetically pleasing. The World Canine Organization has identified 360 different breeds on a global scale, and that only takes into account breeds that reach a certain level […] Read More

Types of Setter Dogs Picture

Setters are types of dogs that hunters use to hunt birds that live mostly on the ground such as quail, which is why they’re also called bird dogs. The dogs don’t catch the birds themselves, but their sense of smell leads them to the quarry. Once they detect it, they go into a crouch and […] Read More

What Do Blister Beetle Bites Look Like? Picture

The blister beetle is a family of toxic insects that live all around the world and cause skin damage to people upon making contact. With some 7,500 known species, their appearance varies widely in many different shapes and sizes, but most of them are swathed in bright yellow or orange colors and measure up to […] Read More

What Kills Bed Bugs Instantly? Picture

Bed bugs are notoriously difficult to get rid of. These vicious little buggers hide in our furnishings and, as we relax, scamper out to suck our blood. The act of the bite itself is almost imperceptible. But the symptoms are obvious. A strong feature of their infestation is quick reproduction. Worse, the female lays in […] Read More

How To Get a Bat Out of Your House Picture

Forests and wooded areas are the natural habitats of bats. However, these amazing creatures sometimes find their way into homes. So, how do you get a bat out of your house? Are there techniques available to get rid of this animal without hurting it? Read on to find out how to get a bat out […] Read More

Dust Mites vs Bed Bugs: What’s the Difference? Picture

The bed bug and the dust mite are both unpleasant critters with some similarities. They’re disgusting house bugs, happily taking up residence in our textiles and furniture. But, more so, they famously love getting comfy in our mattresses, bed frames, and box springs. While not necessarily dangerous, these animals can wreak havoc on our health […] Read More

The Different Types of Bed Bugs Picture

Bed bugs have managed to find purchase practically everywhere in the world, so it should only seem natural to discover that there are different types of bed bugs. But the facts regarding how many types of bed bugs exist may surprise you. This planet is home to roughly 90 different known species of bed bugs, […] Read More

10 Types of Butterfly Picture

There are 17,500 types of butterfly varieties and species across the world. They adapt to all sorts of ecosystems, from forests to Arctic tundra. Butterflies are beautiful creatures that remind us of warm moments, sunshine, and flowers. Without their magnificent coloring and erratic flight paths, the warmest, brightest moments of our year would be lacking. […] Read More

5 Early Signs Of Bed Bugs: How Do I Really Know If I Have Bed Bugs? Picture

Bed bugs aren’t known to directly spread disease, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t a public risk. These tiny bugs can reproduce quickly, and they’re notoriously difficult to eliminate entirely once they’ve begun their reproduction cycles within a new house. And since they resemble so many other types of pests, it can be difficult […] Read More

How To Get Rid of Squash Beetles? Picture

The squash beetle (Epilachna borealis) is an agricultural pest that naturally lives in the eastern United States. These insects are closely related to the southern squash lady beetle and the Mexican bean beetle, both of which look very similar. Some of their favorite habitats include gardens and farms. Using their sharp piercing mouthparts, their diet […] Read More

Do Bed Bugs Fly? Picture

What do you know about bed bugs? Well, you probably know bed bugs are tiny creatures that can reproduce very quickly causing an infestation. Furthermore, they are experts at gaining entry into a house without anyone knowing until it’s too late! But do you know the answer to this question: Do bed bugs fly? The […] Read More

The Top 10 Fluffy, Furry & Fuzzy Moths in the World Picture

Most primary schools teach us that only mammals have fur, but the diverse selection of moths on the planet would seem on the surface to debunk that theory. Fuzzy, fluffy, and frankly cuddly moths are common all around the world — and many of them are also colorful in a way that would seemingly make […] Read More

What Do Bed Bugs Look Like? Picture

While bed bugs aren’t directly associated with the spread of disease, they can be one of the most pervasive and persistent pests in your home. They can also be one of the most annoying. If you find yourself waking up every morning with red bites on your body, you could be dealing with an infestation […] Read More

Japanese Beetle Traps: Should You Use One or Do They Make It Worse? Picture

If you’re a gardener, you’re aware of Japanese beetles and the damage they can do. Fortunately, there are ways to get rid of them naturally and protect your plants. Knowing how and when to use the right methods is key. What Are Japanese Beetles? Japanese beetles (Popillia japonica) are invasive insect species that periodically become […] Read More

Monarch Butterfly Caterpillar: Everything You Need to Know Picture

For centuries, humans have been enthralled by the monarch butterfly. This milkweed butterfly is not only beautiful with its bold orange and black colors but undergoes an unusually strenuous and fascinating migration that can take several generations to complete. This means a butterfly from New York can start its journey to Mexico even though its […] Read More

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs Permanently Picture

Bed bugs are tiny parasitic insects that belong to the genus of Cimex. They come out at night to feed on human blood, which can cause painful bites and spread diseases. Once these annoying pests infest your home, they can be very difficult to eliminate, because they can survive for up to 70 days without […] Read More

The 9 Most Colorful Beetles In The World Picture

The insect world is full of colorful creatures, and beetles are no exception. Colorful beetles have adapted to their environments in unique ways, with their colors being part of the adaptation process, with scarab species being popular examples. Although beetles with bright colors are some of the prettiest bugs you’ll see, these colors and patterns […] Read More

The Life Cycle of a Beetle Picture

The beetle is among the most diverse insects in the world. There are more than 400,000 known species belonging to the insect order of Coleoptera. Some of the species eat wood, some fly through the air and light up the night sky, and some fight each other with large horns protruding from the head. The […] Read More

Are the Black Bugs in My Bed Bed Bugs? Picture

If you see tiny black bugs around the house, especially in your bed, you may assume their bed bugs. Bed bugs, of course, are horrid little insects that hide behind tube lights, inside cushions and peeling wallpaper. But, more famously, they love living in your mattresses and box springs. However, the black bugs you see […] Read More