Discover the 16 States with the Best March Weather

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Written by Sofia Fantauzzo

Published: March 3, 2024

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For most areas, March is a transition time from winter into spring. Flowers begin to bloom, temperatures start to climb, and the environment becomes a lot richer. However, not all states have this transition between seasons, leading to a short or nonexistent spring. Looking to cure the lingering effects of the January blues? Consider heading out to one of these 16 states with the best March weather.

10. California

California is known for having wonderful weather year-round, but weather in March is special.

The temperatures start warming up in March in sunny California. Often the temperature is balmy and in the 60-70°F range. You can find a range of temperatures in the state by going up into the mountains or down to the coast, but you’re likely to find sunshine (and maybe a few showers) anywhere you go.

9. Arizona

The temperatures of Arizona can vary widely depending on location.

Arizona is typically a hot and dry climate with extreme winters and summers. However, March is a good month to experience spring-like weather. Temperatures average in the high 70s during the peak of the day and low 50s at night. These temperatures and the breezy, sunny days are perfect opportunities for hiking, biking, and walking along all the beautiful landscapes Arizona has to offer.

8. Florida

Coastal cities like St. Augustine enjoy a nice, ocean breeze along with the warm sun.

Normally a crowded and hot, humid state, Florida during March is nice and mild. From the panhandle all the way down to the Florida Keys, you can expect warm and sunny weather with temperatures between the 70-80°F range. Aside from flash summer downpours later in the year, March is the end of Florida’s rainy season. The beaches in Florida are some of the more popular attractions, and even those should be relatively uncrowded for how beautiful the weather is.

7. Hawaii

The weather in Hawaii in March is as close to perfect for most people as it can get.

This state should come as no surprise as one with the best weather in March. In fact, the weather in Hawaii in March isn’t much different than at other times of the year. Getting to Hawaii might be harder than most other states on this list, but perseverance is rewarded. The weather is mild, in the 70s, and doesn’t experience a lot of rain during the month. There are also not a ton of people vacationing here yet, so you’ll have a more laid-back experience.

6. Colorado

This state has some of the tallest mountain peaks in the U.S. and breathtaking views.

Colorado is a great state to visit in March if you want some warmth but are still not quite ready to give up winter activities. March is one of those great times for the state. Its average high is 56°F, but if skiing is your thing, you can still do that, too! Some areas of this state still get plenty of snow in March, but in flatter locations, you don’t have to worry about that as much. Plus, it’s outside of the tourist months so you can visit without having to brave many crowds. Aside from the possibility of snow in more mountainous areas, the weather tends to be sunny.

5. Georgia

There’s something for everyone in Georgia, like Savannah’s charming southern landscape.

Georgia has some great weather for March with a high into the low 60s for most of the month. This is likely to be cooler if you’re in or near the mountains and warmer if you’re towards the coast. Despite March being the start of springtime, this month is near the end of Georgia’s rainy season. Whether you’re looking to hike or check out some of the state’s major cities, you’re likely to be able to navigate the state with relative ease and enjoy your time when doing it.

4. Washington, DC

Depending on the time in March, you might find the city less crowded than in other months.

While Washington, DC is not a state, it’s worth its own mention when it comes to having the best weather in March. The capitol of the U.S. has a beautiful cherry blossom bloom from the end of March and into April, so you might run into crowds. The weather is on the chilly side of warm, averaging around 56°F as a high.

3. Louisiana

March would be a good time to visit New Orleans for the weather and the local festivities.

One of the most popular states with the best weather in March is Louisiana. Not only is it on average in the low 70s, but you’ll have cooler mornings, too. Though you might have to dodge a few spring showers if you’re headed there later in the spring, you’ll be rewarded with low crowds and a lush subtropical climate.

2. South Carolina

This southern is home to many unique and lovely cities like Charleston and Greenville.

South Carolina has its hot summer months, without a doubt. However, visiting in March you’ll find this state’s weather to be delightful. With temperatures averaging around 63°F (depending on where you are in the state) you’ll beat the heat. Additionally, with this time of the year not being peak season for tourists, you’ll find it easy to enjoy any local attractions without a crowd.

1. Texas

March is the month when early blooming flowers begin to bloom.

Almost anywhere you go in Texas in the month of March will have optimal weather for those looking to rid themselves of the winter blues. The average high in Texas during this month is around 69°F and a low of 49°F at night. For a state that is known to be quite hot, this is an ideal, comfortable temperature to get out and enjoy the sites to be seen.

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