6 Reasons You Should Install Gutter Guards on Your House Today

Cleaning leaves and debris out of rain gutters in autumn
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Written by Angie Menjivar

Updated: October 1, 2023

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Do you even want to know what’s going on inside your gutters? As a homeowner, you have a whole list of responsibilities, including regular maintenance of the exterior of your home. It’s easy to overlook your gutters until you discover a clog and subsequent overflow. Then, it’s a whole process of clearing them out. Discover six reasons you should install gutter guards on your house today! While they’re not the end-all, be-all solution, they save you tons of time and money in the long run.

What Are Gutter Guards?

Gutter guards are systems you can put in place to protect your gutters. With the way they’re designed, they offer protection from the build-up of debris. Debris can clog your gutters or downspouts, resulting in damage to your home. Gutters serve a purpose — and it’s to keep the foundation of your home safe by directing any rainwater away. Without gutter guards preventing the build-up of debris, the purpose of gutters is thwarted. Not only do gutter guards help to prevent clogs in your gutter, but they also help reduce your load. Instead of you having to clear your gutters out regularly, the gutter guards take on the task for you. Plus, if you harvest rainwater, gutter guards help to preserve the water’s quality.

worker cleaning house gutter from leaves and dirt

Without gutter guards, you have to take out the ladder more frequently.


Types of Gutter Guards

There are a few different types of gutter guards you can select from. To select the one best for you, consider the type of debris that normally collects in your gutters. Also, consider your climate. Areas with heavier rain may require a more heavy-duty type of gutter guard. Below are some gutter guard types:

Screen Gutter Guards

These gutter guards are made from materials like aluminum and have lots of tiny holes in them. You place them on top of your open gutters to filter out any debris and keep the water running freely through your gutters. You can install these yourself or hire a professional to knock out the task for you.

Reverse-Curve Gutter Guards

These gutter guards don’t serve as a filtering system the way screen gutter guards do. Instead, they curve inward from your roof, directing water straight into your gutters. Instead of your gutters being open and receptive to debris, the reverse-curve gutter guard forms a small roof from which any debris falls away.

Foam Gutter Guards

Foam gutter guards work much like screen gutter guards except the foam serves as the filter. With these gutter guards, you place them into the open space of your gutters. Water flows through the foam and debris may collect on top. Keep in mind that no matter what type of gutter guard you select, there will be some maintenance required.

Surface-Tension Gutter Guards

These types of gutter guards are a pricier option but work effectively. They’re simple to install and are designed in a way that encourages water to flow over the nose of the guard. They utilize surface tension to keep the water flowing through your gutters while keeping debris from settling.

Brush Gutter Guards

These gutter guards are a little different but similar in principle to foam gutter guards. You place these bristle-like brushes directly into your gutters. They serve as a filter to capture any debris while letting water flow through.

Plastic guard over gutter on a roof with a leaf stuck on the outside

Gutter guards keep debris from clogging up your gutters.

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6 Reasons You Should Install Gutter Guards on Your House Today

1. Eliminate Clogging

Common build-up in gutters includes twigs, leaves, pine needles, and debris in general. This can create blockages. Whereas if you install gutter guards, it only allows the rain in and not all the other junk. Water in the gutters must always keep moving. If there is a little bit of standing water, it is an invitation for spiders, bugs, and even mice to come and form a colony. To prevent disaster from happening, it must be cleaned up multiple times a year. With gutter guards, you can enjoy peace of mind instead of dragging your ladder out periodically to take a look at the damage.

2. Keep It Simple (Less Maintenance Overall!)

Water damage is one thing homeowners dread. Having the correct gutter guards is an investment in your property as they prevent damage to the roof, siding, and even your home’s foundation. The right gutter guards for your home are those that blend in well with your existing gutters. They don’t take away from your home’s overall appearance and blend in nicely, going unnoticed. Once the installation is completed, everything looks just as it should, and they immediately offer protection. Overflowing gutters are not good for the mulch, soil, or plants in your landscaping. Gutter guards help in maintaining the water flow control, thus reducing puddles and additional damage.

3. Be Easy on Your Wallet

The resale value of your home increases the moment you install gutter guards of good quality. When you don’t have gutter guards, you have to stay on top of clearing debris from your gutters. Some opt for a gutter scoop, and while it’s a simple, inexpensive tool, it takes work. You have to climb a ladder and get to digging into your gutters every couple of months, depending on the climate in your area. However, with gutter guards, you can go entire years without having to worry about your gutters. Though it’s an initial investment, it’s worth it in the long run, saving you from countless potential issues.

4. Keep Your Family Safe — Reduce the Fire Hazard

Some gutter guard materials have been designed specifically to be fire-resistant. This is an additional layer of protection against fire or sparks. With the right kind of gutter guards, you are less likely to harbor any of those. In fire-prone zones, debris in the gutters is fuel for potential fire — especially during wildfires. Even if you’re not in a fire-prone area, fires still happen. When they break out, it’s especially important that any leaves or twigs in your gutters aren’t available to receive embers and potentially light up. If you’re home, you can step in quickly. But if you’re not, a fire could erupt from the debris in your gutters and spread.

5. No Unwanted Guests

Gutter guards are an excellent way of keeping critters away like squirrels, rodents, and birds. These animals may gravitate to gutters as they may look cozy enough to start a family. But with gutter guards, they quickly realize it’s not a welcoming environment. Put simply, gutter guards are just not critter-friendly. When you don’t have gutter guards, clogging happens. Clogging results in standing water and that’s when you attract even more pests. Either you stay on top of clearing your gutters regularly or you install gutter guards and tick off a to-do list item on your never-ending list.

6. Keep a Safer Home Overall

Gutter guards prevent structural issues. One common issue that is easily overlooked is mold growth, which can seem like a non-issue at first. But it can be devastating to your lungs or the lungs of your little ones (even those on four legs!). Mold is often associated with allergies, so you must be cautious with algae growth as well as mildew. These issues are just too damaging and cause humans to have respiratory problems. Taking proactive measures to protect your family goes a long way. You want to reduce the risk of infestation by insects breeding in your gutters as well, which just tacks on extra expenses you very well could prevent. No matter who is climbing a ladder, there is danger present. You and your family members are much safer on the ground instead of risking a fall while clearing gutter clogs.  

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