See: Two of The Largest Wolves Ever Captured on Film And One Foolishly Brave Dog

Written by Kyle Glatz
Updated: October 20, 2023
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It’s not every day that you get to see a side-by-side comparison of a dog and a wolf. In this video featuring two of the largest wolves ever captured on film, you can clearly see the difference. Humans tend to think of wolves as overgrown dogs, but they’re entirely different beasts. As this video starts, the camera attempts to focus on a dark figure crouched in tree cover.

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A dog can be heard barking in the background, and it’s clear the person filming is breathing heavily. The camera zooms in on the dark, blurry figure while the dog’s barking intensifies. Suddenly, the dog comes into view, bolting toward the dark figure, which suddenly stands up. The dark figure was a wolf, and it towered over the dog at its full height.

The wolf runs after the dog and then turns as the large dog turns to face it. The wolf is almost twice the size of the dog. The dog is a large breed, too, perhaps a husky. This foolish, brave dog chases the wolf away, almost catching up to it.  

Before it catches the fierce predator, the wolf turns around and bites the dog. This wolf was cunning and allowed the dog to get close enough to bite. The dog squeals in pain, and this portion of the video ends as the human attempts to intervene.

Some comments suggest that the dog survived the encounter due to the cameraman, a hunter, firing his gun. A little extra research found that the dog’s name was Trigger and that the creature was a black wolf. The wolf bit Trigger and tossed her into the air. The person filming fired a shotgun to break up the fight and save his dog. Fortunately, Trigger was slightly injured but survived the encounter.

Second Section

The next section of the video begins at night. The camera is pointed at a snowy embankment beside the road. Suddenly, a massive wolf plods into sight, walking slowly across the street while looking at the cameraman who is safely in a car.

The wolf walks across the street, eyeing up the humans. Finally, it walks back to the place from which it emerged, stopping long enough to stare at the camera some more. The video ends with the wolf going back the way it came, into the night, perhaps to hunt.

The video segments show some of the largest wolves ever captured on film. Also, they show that humans’ pets are dedicated to keeping them safe, even if the odds are against them.

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