Silverbacks Fight With Bared Teeth Mere Feet From Humans

Written by Kirstin Harrington
Published: July 10, 2022
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A complex mosaic of montane habitats, including evergreen and bamboo woodland, open meadows, marsh, and heath, may be found in Volcanoes National Park. You’ll find this stunning park in Rwanda’s far northwest. This spectacular mountain range is home to the endangered mountain gorilla.

Due to the obvious silver saddle of hairs on their backs, adult male mountain gorillas are known as Silverbacks. Mountain gorillas have large chests, long, strong arms, and big feet and hands. They also have a stocky frame. Female silverback gorillas are about five feet tall, whereas silverback males are around six feet tall. Roughly twice as heavy as an average adult man, silverback gorillas weigh about 350 pounds.

A tourist visiting the national park spotted a band of gorillas in a forested area. Two of the huge creatures quickly begin to fight. As they start to throw blows, some of the other gorillas walk away, while others get closer. 

In secure gorilla groups, severe hostility is uncommon, but when two troops collide, the top silverbacks may occasionally engage in a battle to the death, mostly utilizing their razor-sharp teeth to inflict large, gaping wounds.

The sheer screams coming from these mammals are enough to make most tourists walk away. Before you know it, the entire band is hidden behind the greenery, but alas, you can still hear the fight continue. 

Gorilla males are extremely formidable opponents when they are in a combat mood due to their sharp fangs and enormous strength. As a result, the majority of disagreements are settled without violence through threatening behavior instead of physical conflict. 

Gorillas are renowned for their show behavior, which includes loud hooting and chest-thumping. Male silverbacks have very amazing chest beats. When watching this footage of these animals fighting, the most shocking thing is the tourists! 

They’re not in a safari vehicle or behind a wired fence. They are right there, out in the open with this troop. While there are guides seen with the visitors, we advise that you steer clear of gorillas when they’re angry. 

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Silverbacks Fight
Silverback gorilla walking though plants.
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