The 14 Best Podcasts About Plants and Gardening

Written by Peralee Knight
Published: October 20, 2022
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Gardening isn’t just a wonderful hobby or even a career, it’s a whole community. Whether you are just starting or a Master Gardener, staying up to date is the key to growing your skills (pun intended!). Social media is a wonderful way to do this, but there are new media sources available that deliver instant access to the latest news and information. Podcasts have only become more popular in recent years, and there is a podcast for absolutely everyone! This includes the world of plants and gardening, and we’ve put together our top picks for podcasts that are both entertaining and informative for every type of grower!

The Overall Highest-Rated Podcasts on Gardening

Flower potting and spring garden works. Garden shovel and blossom azalea flower on the green grass.

There are a wide variety of podcasts available for listeners who love gardening.


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These gardening podcasts are the best of the best, both in our opinion and based on ratings, number of subscribers, and listener reviews. Covering topics for all skill levels, as well as a wide variety of plants, the two podcasts below are an excellent choice for any grower.

A Way To Garden

Described by host Margaret in the podcast’s tagline as “horticultural how-to and woo-woo,” this organic gardening podcast from the UK has won 3 Silver Medals from Garden Comm, formerly known as the Garden Writers Association of America. It was also named one of the top five garden shows by The Guardian in 2013 and has an excellent following in the United States!

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Cultivating Place

Hosted by top experts, scientists, researchers, and historians in the horticulture space, this podcast focuses on the impulse to garden and natural history. Exploring a wide variety of topics, this podcast delves into how gardening has influenced humanity throughout history.

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The RHS Gardening Podcasts

As the name suggests, the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society in the United Kingdom provides this podcast service. The RHS delivers three dedicated podcast series! This includes their main series, Growing With The RHS, a retired but still available podcast called The Garden, and three Special edition series centered around the RHS books as well.

 Each of these award-winning series provides general gardening advice, seasonal guidelines, and the latest in the world of horticulture from seasoned gardeners, researchers, and scientists. This is the cream of the crop when it comes to informative content that covers everything to do with gardening!

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The Best Podcasts For New Gardeners

There are quite a few podcasts available that are specifically targeted toward the novice gardener. In addition to providing tips, tricks, or product recommendations, podcasts like the ones we’ve selected also provide the basics. While some may center around certain plants or locations, others focus on general gardening information. Each of the podcasts we’ve selected below is full of excellent resources for the beginner, or anyone looking to improve!

Epic Gardening

This podcast is hosted by Kevin Espiritu and centers around gardening for beginners. Kevin covers a wide variety of topics based on questions asked by his listeners. The episodes are ten minutes long on average, to bring a little gardening knowledge to you daily!

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The Beginner’s Garden With Jill McSheehey

Just as the name suggests, host Jill focuses on the basics of gardening. Each episode is aimed at providing the novices with simple, easy instructions for growing and maintaining plants in all seasons. Free of confusion, Jill strives to take the confusion out of complex horticultural terms and deliver knowledge easily and entertainingly!

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The Best Podcasts For Connecting With Other Growers

Even the best gardener or grower needs advice or innovative ideas from time to time. Interacting with fellow plant enthusiasts is an excellent way to gain insight, share knowledge, or even have a healthy debate! The podcasts listed below offer the ability to get down and dirty about all things planting, with content that is both informative and entertaining!

Gardeners Question Time

This podcast is recorded in the UK and is hosted by a changing panel of horticultural experts. The episodes are prerecorded in varying locations, where panelists answer questions in real time from a live audience.

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Plant Talk Radio

Host Fred Hower covers a wide variety of topics relevant to the home gardener. Centered around answering subscribers’ gardening questions and seasonal tips, tricks, and advice, this is also a great resource for those new to the hobby.

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Let’s Argue About Plants

Danielle Sherry and Carol Collins host this podcast, where they delve deep with the top experts into the latest topics in the horticultural field, including a few hot takes and clashing opinions!

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The Best Podcasts For Indoor Gardeners

From indoor plants to community allotments, these podcasts explore topics that are relevant to indoor gardeners. Growing plants in an urban setting can come with its own unique challenges, and the podcasts below center around gardening with limited space!

On The Ledge

Writer and host Jane Perron keep the focus on all things indoor, dedicating each episode to a central topic or plant. Episodes often feature guest speakers with expertise in the topic discussed, from expert home gardeners to top scientists and researchers.

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Bloom And Grow Radio

Centered around indoor gardening and urban gardens, host Maria is a self-proclaimed former plant killer that interviews scientists, researchers, and world-renowned gardening experts. This series focuses on improving your gardening skills at any skill level with a special focus on growing plants with limited space.

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The Dirt

Written and hosted by Dr. Anna Goldfield and Amber Zambell as part of the Archaeology Podcast series, the content is focused on the connections between archaeology and the current issues we’re facing right now. While not technically a gardening podcast, they cover issues like pollution, climate change, and conservation. This is an excellent choice for anyone interested in agricultural history.

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The Best Podcasts For General Knowledge   

For listeners looking for a variety of topics and content centered around gardening, these podcasts offer a wide range of educational content, interviews with experts, the latest scientific breakthroughs, and more. These are our top three podcasts for general knowledge and information on plants and gardening regardless of skill level. Each offers tips, tricks, and the latest information out there in the wonderful world of plants, with something for everyone!

Spoken Garden

This podcast series is hosted by Sean and Allison McManus, covering a wide variety of general gardening topics such as landscaping, DIY projects, advice, and seasonal content.

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Green Acres Garden With Farmer Fred

General horticultural topics for all gardening skill levels. Hosts Kevin and Austin regularly speak with community gardeners affiliated with Green Acres Nursery And Supply, along with several guest appearances from Farmer Fred!

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In Defense Of Plants

Created and hosted by ecologist Matt Candeias, this podcast and the connected blog focuses on topics related to advancements in scientific research and discoveries in the world of botany.

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