25 Things to Plant in March to Keep Your Garden Flourishing

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Written by Alanna Davis

Published: March 1, 2024

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Avid gardeners around the world agree that the first signs of spring can be a very exciting time. For many, this is a reminder that it’s time to get outside and start planting! Here are 25 things you can plant in March that will guarantee your garden will flourish from spring all the way until fall.

1. Cabbage

Cabbage is jam-packed with nutrients.

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Depending on where you live, March can be a little chilly. Luckily, cabbage is hardy to colder temperatures making it perfect to plant in early spring.

2. Broccoli

It is recommended to plant broccoli in an area that gets a lot of sunshine.


Similar to cabbage, broccoli is able to withstand colder temperatures down to as little as 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. Carrots

Carrots are a great source of beta-carotene.

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March is the perfect time to start planting carrots to ensure that they’ll have a long time to grow before they’re ready to harvest.

4. Onions

Many people believe that eating onions supports digestion.

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March is a great time to get onion plants started. However, it’s better to start growing onions indoors first and transfer them outside as the temperatures warm up.

5. Peppers

There are roughly 50,000 different pepper varieties.


Similar to onions, peppers will thrive if you start cultivating them indoors while temperatures are still cold. Transferring them outside in late March should produce excellent results.

6. Arugula

This herb is rich in Vitamin C and Vitamin A.


Arugula has a peppery flavor that some people just can’t get enough of. Luckily, most gardeners can begin planting this herb in March.

7. Beets

Many people tout beets for being rich in fiber, potassium, and vitamins.

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Beets can be a divisive vegetable, most people either love them or hate them. However you feel about beets, one thing is for sure: they are hardy to the cold!

8. Peas

Peas are very affordable.

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According to the University of Delaware, “Peas normally are very cold-hardy and can tolerate freezing temperatures down to the low 20s.”

9. Kale

National Kale Day takes place on the first Wednesday of October each year.


When you think of healthy foods, kale is likely one of the first that comes to mind. In addition to being healthy, it’s also easy to grow and gardeners can begin doing so in March.

10. Spinach

Eating leafy greens daily is important for digestion.


Planting spinach in the early spring can ensure that gardeners harvest two crops per growing season.

11. Turnips

Turnips can be planted during the fall as well.


Like many other root vegetables, turnips are able to grow in the cold, making them an excellent choice for March gardening.

12. Parsnips

Parsnips are an excellent source of fiber.


Although parsnips aren’t the most popular vegetable on this list, they are delicious and jam-packed with nutrients.

13. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the most popular choices for beginner gardeners.


Depending on where you live, gardeners can begin planting tomatoes in March. However, it’s best to only do so after you’re certain there’s no chance for a frost to occur.

14. Shallots

Bowl of shallot onions on the wooden background

Shallots are related to onions and garlic.

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Similar to onions, shallots are relatively cold-resistant, so March is an excellent time to sow their seeds.

15. Radish

top view and copy space fresh white daikon, daikon radish, radish, white radish,(raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus) in a wooden basket isolated on white background.

When it comes to cold-hardy vegetables, few are as perfect as radishes.

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Many people advocate planting radishes during early spring, so March is ideal. In particular, daikon radishes perform well even in cooler temperatures.

16. Asparagus

Asparagus is sometimes referred to as the “king of all vegetables.”

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Depending on what zone you live in, March may be the ideal time to start planting asparagus.

17. Beans

Fresh Lima Beans

Fava beans, garbanzo beans, lima beans, and pinto beans are great choices in early spring.


Gardeners can plant a variety of beans during March for ideal growth when it’s time to harvest.

18. Potatoes

Potatoes are the most popular vegetable in America.

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In most zones in the United States, March is one of the best times to plant potatoes. These vegetables are hardy to the cold and require a long time to grow.

19. Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts are high in Vitamin C and Vitamin K.

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The best time of year to plant Brussels sprouts is sometime between March and May, so if you want to get a head start on growing this vegetable, go ahead and plant it early.

20. Corn

The tallest stalk of corn grew to be about 50 feet tall.

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In most locations, the earlier you plant corn, the better. Planting this crop in March will guarantee it has ample time to grow.

21. Lettuce

Raw Green Organic Escarole Lettuce Ready to Chop

Lettuce is a wonderful food that can be used in a variety of different recipes.

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Although many gardeners begin growing lettuce indoors early in the year. March is the best time to transfer outdoors. If you’re late to start, planting directly is just fine as well.

22. Cauliflower

This vegetable is popularly used as a low-carb alternative to white rice.


Cauliflower is similar to broccoli, and both are excellent choices for spring planting. However, people living further up north may want to hold off until April.

23. Artichoke

Artichokes love the sun, so it’s important to plant this vegetable in an area that’s not too shady.

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Those living in warmer climates will certainly be able to plant their artichokes in March. This vegetable has a short growth time, so depending on where you live, you may get two harvests per season.

24. Basil

Basil is one of the most popular herbs used in cooking.

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Although basil is a great plant to sow in spring, starting it indoors may prove useful if you live in a colder climate.

25. Leeks

This vegetable has a similar flavor to onions and scallions.

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Leeks thrive in cooler temperatures, so early spring is an excellent time to begin growing this vegetable.

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