The Longest Beach in Mississippi Is 26 Miles of Splendor

Lounge chairs, umbrellas, and oversized trikes scattered along Biloxi Beach in Mississippi on a spring day.
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Updated: October 5, 2023

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When people think of Mississippi, they think of delicious food, great football, and dozens of beaches. The southern portion of the state borders the Gulf of Mexico, giving residents and tourists some very warm water to get into. There are also numerous amount of beach towns lining the coast where people can expect some of the freshest seafood in the world. You’ can you’ll find numerous forms of entertainment from nightlife and casinos, to excursions out on the ocean. If you travel to Mississippi, you will also stumble upon one beach in particular that’s known for its extreme length and amazing wildlife. It’s called Biloxi Beach.

Biloxi Beach is the longest manmade beach in the world.

What is the Longest Beach in Mississippi?

Mississippi Gulf Coast

A welcoming sign to Biloxi Beach in Mississippi.

While Mississippi is known for many different beaches, Biloxi Beach takes the cake in terms of length. According to Biloxi Bay Area Chamber, Biloxi Beach stretches for an astounding 26 miles. One of the most amazing parts of Biloxi Beach is that it’s partly man-made. Almost 13 miles were added on! The fact that it’s a full 26 miles makes Biloxi Beach the longest man-made beach in the entire world. The beach starts in the Mississippi town of Biloxi, thus the name, and stretches all the way down to Henderson Point. Throughout those 26 miles, beachgoers can expect tons of different entertainment and beautiful places to see along the way.

Great Places Along Biloxi Beach

The legendary Biloxi Lighthouse in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Biloxi Beach truly does have something for everyone, whether you’re a person who wants to test their luck at gambling, a sports fan, or you’re someone who loves history. Biloxi is home to Hard Rock Hotel & Casino and Beau Rivage Resort & Casino. Once you’ve shown the casino who’s in charge by winning tons on money, you can go and visit the Biloxi Lighthouse. The lighthouse that is featured on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places was first lit all the way back in 1848. Hurricane Katrina wasn’t even able to tear down the legendary lighthouse, as it continues to be a popular stop amongst tourists even today. You can also check out a game at MGM Park, home to the Biloxi Shuckers. The Shuckers are the AA affiliate to the Milwaukee Brewers of the MLB.

Gulfport, Mississippi is another city that might spark interest that touches the beach. The city almost splits the beach in half and is another place with lots to see and do. Gulfport is home to the beautiful Mississippi Aquarium, where different sea creatures reside. You can also stop for a refreshing drink and tour of the Chandeleur Island Brewing Company. The last part of the beach is Henderson Point, Mississippi. Along the drive on Beach Boulevard to the Henderson Point, there are beautiful views of nature as well as many different animals.

Different Animals and Plants Found in and Around Biloxi Beach

Softshell turtle

A beautiful turtle on a beach.

If you were to take a snorkel out to the Gulf, you would be able to see many different fish up close and personal. Along with many different fish in the ocean, on a lucky day, snorkelers see Alabama red-bellied turtles. The warm water means that while you’re swimming around looking for as many fish as you can, your body temperature will remain comfortable. There are also many different birds that you might notice while tanning on the beach, like the Swallow-tailed Kite.

Make sure you stay aware of the sand dunes to explore on the drive. They offer some of the most beautiful views of the Gulf of Mexico. The white sand that spans the beach makes for some of the most majestic pictures that you can take. You will also see some of the most beautiful red oak trees, saltgrass, and three square while driving along the beach and relaxing.


Mississippi, Gulfport, Biloxi, Beach, Gulf Coast

Biloxi Beach at sunset.

If you’re a person who loves the outdoors and beautiful beaches, add Biloxi Beach to the top of your list for places to visit. Biloxi has a comfortable climate throughout the year. Late December and January are generally the only exceptions. The warm water will be inviting, compared to other beach with colder waves. There are also countless activities for everyone in your family to do, making it easy to please everyone on the trip. Make sure to also bring your camera to capture all of the memories and amazing wildlife and nature that you’re bound to see on your next trip to Biloxi Beach.

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