The Most Expensive Betta Fish Ever Sold Will Blow Your Mind

Moving moment of siamese fighting fish, Betta splendens (Plakat Thai) is a popular species of freshwater aquarium fish isolated on black background.

Written by Sarah Psaradelis

Updated: June 30, 2023

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Bettas or Siamese fighting fish are described as aquarium jewels for a very good reason. Betta fish can be found in over 25 different colors and fin types, and most have been created through selective breeding. Depending on the betta fish’s colors, markings, and finnage, these fish can vary in price. The rarer and more unique the betta fish is, the higher it will be priced. Many betta fish breeders take pride in producing beautiful betta fish, so new varieties are still being created to this day.

Let’s take a look at the most expensive betta fish that has ever been sold in this article.  

What Is The Most Expensive Betta Fish Ever Sold?

Moving moment of siamese fighting fish, Betta splendens (Plakat Thai) is a popular species of freshwater aquarium fish isolated on black background.

The most expensive betta fish was a Thai-colored betta that resembled the Thailand national flag colors.

The most expensive betta fish ever sold was a Thai-colored plakat betta in November 2016. This betta fish had colors similar to the Thai national flag and was auctioned on an online site and sold for 53,500 baht (or $1,530). Compared to other betta fish priced at $10 to $140, the Thai-colored betta sold for over ten times the amount.

So, what makes this Thai-colored betta fish worth so much? The expensive Thai-colored betta fish was posted by breeder Kachen Worachai and the picture went viral. Many betta fish hobbyists were in awe at the fish’s beautiful coloration resembling Thailand’s national flag.

Bettas are native to Thailand, so creating a betta fish with the Thailand flag coloration is a big deal. Breeders have tried effortlessly to create a similar color combination, although it hasn’t come close to Kachen’s betta fish. Kachen expected that this betta would only sell for a few thousand baht but was shocked when the bid hit 10,000 baht ($285).

Thai-Colored Bettas

flag of Thailand

Creating a betta fish with the Thailand national flag colors was a huge deal for hobbyists.

The rare and astonishing Thai-colored betta fish had a striking pattern of red, blue, and white, mimicking the Thailand national flag. Kachen’s betta fish was so on point with the colors, that the betta had the colors in order from red, white, blue, white, and red. This was exactly like the flag. Creating this coloration in a betta is considered a one in a 100,000 chance, and Kachen felt incredibly lucky to be the one to have created it.

5 Other High-Priced Betta Fish Sold

Aside from the Thai-colored betta fish being the most expensive betta fish, there are five others that were sold for a similar price.

1. Pee Kloaw

The unique betta fish called Pee Kloaw was an off-white betta fish with a thick, bold stripe at the start of their gills. This betta fish sold on an online auction for around $1,530.

2. Rose White Platinum Dragon

Platinum bettas are incredibly rare, and the rose white platinum dragon betta fish is one of them. This variety of betta fish was sold for $680 on an auction site. The betta fish had a beautiful over halfmoon (OHM) tail, with a striking black beard.

3. Half Moon King of Gold

Golden bettas are incredibly rare, with a striking rosy gold coloration. This is why a halfmoon king betta fish with a golden coloration sold for $570 at auction.

4. King of Dark Blue Eyes Avatar

Although blue is a common coloration in bettas, a betta with a combination of blues, black, red, and dragon scales sold for $533 on auction. This betta fish was sold in 2019, and their combination of coloring and over halfmoon tail is quite striking.

5. King Shadow Black Gold Stare Series

One of the rarest betta fishes ever sold was two over halfmoon betta fish. They were referred to as king shadow black gold star bettas, with a rich black coloration with white-ish rosy gold markings. They are still considered rare to this today and both sold for around $350 within a few minutes.

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