The 5 Most Expensive Mountain Towns in Arizona to Buy a Second Home

Travel in Devil's Bridge Trail, man Hiker with backpack enjoying view, Sedona, Arizona, USA
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Written by Katie Melynn Wood

Published: January 29, 2024

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With mild winters and a breathtaking landscape in the West, Arizona is a haven for snowbirds who want to avoid harsh winter weather. But the summers are real scorchers, which is why many people opt to escape to other areas during these hot months. There are plenty of second homes around Arizona at a variety of price points. But the higher elevation areas have some truly spectacular real estate that often comes with a high price tag.

The median home price in Arizona is around $471,300. It ranks 11th overall based on median home prices across the U.S. This includes both primary and second homes. Some people who live in Arizona live there year round while others only come during the cooler winter months. With plenty of natural wonders, such as the Grand Canyon, as well as unique, artistic communities like Sedona, Arizona has something to offer for everyone and every budget. Here are some of the most expensive mountain towns in Arizona to buy a second home.

1. Sedona

Red Rock Formation on Soldier Pass Trail, Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, Arizona is known for its red rock formations and natural beauty.

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With an amazing arts scene and natural beauty from the nearby red sandstone rock formations, Sedona is a popular place for tourists as well as those looking to relocate (at least for part of the year) to Arizona. It has a population of around 10,000 people and a median home price of around $1 million. It is one of the larger towns on our list and attracts many people because it is more well-known thanks to its popularity as a retreat and arts destination. There are also plenty of festivals and other special events that bring visitors to the area, some of whom decide to check out Sedona when they want to buy a second home.

2. Tubac

The Tubac Art Festival in Tubac, Arizona is a popular event each year.

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If you love history, the small mountain town of Tubac, Arizona is worth checking out. It was originally a Spanish presidio and many of the buildings and artifacts of that time remain on display. Over hundreds of years, the town was attacked by Indigenous tribes, was under siege during the American Civil War, and was eventually abandoned. Today, it is an arts colony and home to world-class galleries as well as restaurants, schools, and even a golf course. The small town only has around 1,000 residents and there aren’t a lot of homes on the market compared to larger areas like Sedona. The median home price is around $500,000.

3. Pinetop-Lakeside

Above Show Low, Arizona and State Highway 260 with Pinetop-Lakeside in the distance

The Apache/Sitgreaves National Forest and the White Mountains surround Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona.

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The town of Pinetop-Lakeside (two previously separate entities that merged in the 1980s) is a popular place for second homes among Arizona residents and those from other states. It has plenty of forests and lakes that make it popular for summer recreation. Everything from camping to hiking to water sports is possible in this area. It is at an elevation of 7,000 feet, helping keep the climate cool. As one of the most expensive mountain towns in Arizona to buy a second home, median prices tend to be just over $500,000, although they have decreased slightly in recent years.

4. Williams

The train to the Grand Canyon waiting at Williams Station, Arizona at sunset

You can take a train from Williams Station to the Grand Canyon.

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This small town is notable for its proximity to the Grand Canyon, making it a popular place to stop on the way to marvel at the national park’s natural beauty. It is on the way to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim if you are traveling from nearby Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, Phoenix, or Tucson. Williams even earned the nickname “Gateway to the Grand Canyon.” It is also known for its history as a train depot. You can take the train through the region. Median home prices are over $600,000. Because it is a small town compared to other large cities, the home inventory isn’t huge. This can increase competition even more.

5. Alpine

Escudilla Mountain Arizona

Escudilla Mountain is near the small mountain town of Alpine, Arizona.

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If you want to create a true mountain oasis in Arizona, consider the remote town of Alpine. Known as the “Alps of Arizona,” Alpine sits at 8,006 feet. It is surrounded by Ponderosa pines, firs, aspens, and clear mountain water. There aren’t a lot of homes for sale and the median home price is around $380,000. So if you’re set on making this your second home, there’s a good chance that you’ll have to build something new. This can get pricey because of the remote location. Not only do you need to get the materials to the build site but you also have to plan ahead. With a town of less than 200 residents, there aren’t a ton of shops to run to if you need something quick. But if you want a mountain paradise in Arizona, it’s hard to surpass these spectacular surroundings.

Summary of Expensive Mountain Towns in Arizona


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