The World’s Largest Swimming Pool Is an Absurd 1,000,000 Square-Feet!

Written by Sandy Porter
Updated: June 29, 2023
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Most of us have seen some impressive swimming pools in our day. From the spillover pools in Instagram photos to the glass pool suspended 200 feet in the air, there are literally thousands of incredible swimming destinations. But the world’s largest swimming pool is something entirely else – absurdly huge at 1 million square feet!

Where is the World’s Largest Swimming Pool?

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
The world’s largest pool is situated in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.


The location of the world’s largest swimming pool kind of makes sense, as it’s in a desert nation: Egypt. Situated along the Gulf of Aqaba in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, this massive pool is tucked away inside a gated community. You may enjoy clear, blue water at the resort pool which may be found three miles inland from Sharm El Sheikh itself.

Located at the southern tip of the Sinai Peninsula, Citystars Resort is the host to this massive pool, about 312 miles south of Cairo. You can reach the city with direct flights from several international destinations and other Egyptian cities.

How Big is the World’s Largest Swimming Pool?

The cooling waters of the Citystars Sharm El Sheikh extend 1, 042,000 square feet. The pool spans 23.9 acres.

How Much Did it Cost to Build the Citystars Sharm El Sheikh Pool?

If you thought installing a regular pool was expensive, check this out: it cost $5.5 billion to build the Citystars Sharm El Sheikh pool in 2015.

Can Anyone Go Swimming in the World’s Largest Swimming Pool?

Anyone visiting the resort town of Sharm El Sheikh may go swimming at the Citystars pool. Saltwater rather than freshwater greets swimmers in Citystars, however. The pool uses saltwater aquifers that are otherwise unusable in the Sinai desert.

How Doe the World’s Second Largest Swimming Pool Compare?

San Alfonso del Mar
San Alfonso del Mar in Chile

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Built in 2006, the world’s second-largest swimming pool covers 20 acres of water, containing 66 million gallons of water. Often still mistakenly ranked as the largest in the world, the San Alfonso Del Mar was outdone only a decade later. Also containing saltwater for swimmers to enjoy, the second largest pool in the world may be found in Valparaíso, Chile.

Such massive sizes for both pools actually make them large enough that sailing in the pool is a thing.

What are the Other Largest Swimming Pools in the World?

Additionally, massive pools may be found around the world in the following locations:

  • #3 Mahasamutr; Hua Hin, Thailand, 17 acres, saltwater
  • #4 Ostrava Poruba – Vřesina; Ostrava, Czech Republic, 10 acres, fresh water
  • #5 Diamante at Cabo San Lucas; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, 10 acres, saltwater
  • #6 The Lagoon at Epperson; Wesley Chapel, Florida, USA, 7.5 acres, saltwater
  • #7 Piscina Las Brisas de Santo Domingo; Santo Domingo, Chile, 5 acres, saltwater
  • #8 The Lagoon at Windsong Ranch; Prosper, Texas, USA, 4.9 acres, saltwater
  • #9 Hayman Island Resort Pool; Queensland, Australia, 2.2 acres, saltwater
  • #10 Dreamworld Fun Lagoon; Karachi, Pakistan, 2 acres, fresh water

Can’t make it to the world’s largest swimming pool? Check out the best pools in various states like Texas and the best swimming holes in New Jersey.

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Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt
Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt is the largest swimming pool in the world.
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