2022 Updated Dog Boarding Costs (Day, Night, Week)

Written by Abdulmumin Akinde
Published: July 13, 2022
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If you’re a pet parent, planning a vacation or trip is a bit more complicated. You have to take your pup with you or make arrangements for its care when you’re away. Dropping your dog off at a good boarding facility is a convenient arrangement to keep your beloved pup safe and happy when you’re away. However, pet parents considering this option often wonder how much dog boarding costs would be to determine what their options are and whether or not they can afford them. 

How Much Does Dog Boarding Cost? 

It’ll be difficult to give an exact estimate of dog boarding costs. How much you’ll pay to keep your dog at a boarding facility when you’re awake depends on a wide range of factors. On average, dog boarding kennels charge between $30 to $50 for a night. Weekly boarding come to an average of $150, while monthly prices can be around $500 if you ever need to be away for that long. The exact price you will pay depends on where you live and the cost of the facilities available around you as well as your personal preferences. 

Dog Boarding Costs Per Day

Dog owners pay an average of $18 to $29 to keep their dog at a boarding facility for a day. The average cost for a 4-hour half-day is typically about $15. For a day boarding, you drop your pet off in the morning at a kennel or dog hotel, where he gets to play with other dogs. They also get a quiet nap time, and they are fed as well. This sort of arrangement is perfect if you’re going on a short trip or going off to work and you don’t want to leave your dog alone at home. Typically, the boarding facility will let you know the pickup time for the dog, and you may be charged an additional fee if you show up late. 

Dog Boarding Costs Per Night

Some boarding facilities also provide overnight boarding. This is ideal for situations where you’re traveling overnight and will be back the following day. On average, overnight boarding costs about $40. However, prices may range from as low as $29 to up to $80. Prices are usually based on the size of the room or crate your dog would be sleeping in for the night. 

Boarding Costs for Week

If you’ll be gone for a few days, you might have to pay for a weekly boarding service. Averagely, facilities that run weekly boarding may charge between $140 to $175 per week for their service. Luxury dog hotels charge even more, with patrons paying between $525 and $665. 

Boarding Costs for a Month

If you’ll be gone for up to a month, you might want to look for a facility that offers monthly boarding. Rates typically vary between $458 to $610 for a kennel or between $950 and $2,600  for a luxury dog hotel. You will also be charged for any additional services you want for your dog while you’re away. 

Can You Get A Discount For Multiple Dogs? 

Yes, dog owners with multiple dogs often get a discount from dog boarding facilities. Discounted rates vary between 10% and 50% off for the additional dog you bring. You’re even more likely to get a discount if your dogs are small enough to share a crate or room. Some facilities also offer discounts if your dog would be staying for multiple nights. 

dogs at kennel

The average cost for a 4-hour half-day at a kennel is typically about $15. Dog owners can often get discounts if they board multiple dogs at once.

©Jayme Burrows/Shutterstock.com

Alternative Boarding Options-How Much Do They Cost? 

If you do not want to keep your dog in a kennel or dog hotel, there are a few other alternatives. These include in-home boarding, paying for dog sitting or vet, or hospital boarding. Here’s how much you’re likely to need for each of these.  

Cost of In-Home Dog Boarding 

This refers to a situation where your dog is housed in a sitter’s home for the duration of your travel. Usually, the sitters are trusted professionals that have passed a background check. Sitters are often registered with Pets Sitters International or the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. Paying for in-home boarding usually varies between $15 to $50 daily, depending on the sitter you’re hiring. 

Cost of Dog Sitting Services 

If you don’t want your dog to leave the comfort of your home while you’re away, you can pay for a sitter to come to watch your dog at your home. This is often more expensive than the in-home options. Sitters may charge as high as $70 for this service. Some sitters charge per hour, which means you may pay up to $25 for a 30-minute session. 

Of course, this option is only viable if it’s safe to leave your dog home alone. The sitter will only visit at agreed times to check on the dog and offer services such as feeding, walking, bathroom breaks, and even cuddling. 

Hospital & Vet Boarding Costs

Some dog vet clinics offer boarding services for pet parents that are planning to be away for a few days. This isn’t very much different from boarding your dog at a kennel or luxury hotel. This service may cost between $35 to $45 per night. However, you may be charged extra fees if your dog has medical issues or behavioral issues that require special care or behavioral issues that necessitate isolation. As a perk, your dog will be under the care of an experienced veterinary professional, which is often a great idea for dogs in need of special care.

dog sitter walking multiple dogs

Sitters are an alternative to kennels. They’ll come to your home to feed, walk, and play with your dog.

©SB Arts Media/Shutterstock.com

What’s Included in the Dog Boarding Fee?

At the minimum, dog boarding facilities should offer basic care and shelter for your dog. You can expect your pet to be kept in a clean enclosure with dog bowls, feeding, and clean water. They also let dogs outside a few times during the day for bathroom breaks. 

You can give the staff specific instructions about your dog’s general care, medication, feeding schedule, and other basic things. At the end of the boarding, most facilities prepare a report that details everything that occurred. 

Dog boarding facilities are responsible for caring for and keeping your dog safe when you’re away. If an emergency or concern comes up, the staff would contact you immediately and take steps to get medical attention if needed. 

Additional Costs For Dog Boarding

For dog parents that desire additional services, the cost of boarding might go beyond the initial daily or nightly rate of the service. Most boarding facilities afford you the option of additional services that come for an extra fee on your basic boarding package. 

These services are for dogs with special needs (such as senior dogs or dogs on medication) or simply for people who want a more comfortable boarding experience for their dogs. Of course, this adds more to the cost in the long run. 

The add-ons available depend on the facility in question. For some facilities, medications or special care is part of the basic facilities, but some dog kennels may charge you extra. Examples of optional additional services may include grooming, web-cam monitoring, and so on. Also, some kennels charge more for large dog breeds than smaller ones. Since the cost of add-on services often varies from one kennel to the other, it makes sense to ask if the facility you’re checking out offers additional service and how much it’ll cost before you decide on bringing your pet there. 

dog being groomed

Kennels that offer services like grooming will likely be more expensive.



At the end of the day, the cost of dog boarding varies based on several factors, as highlighted above. Regardless of the cost, it’s a price worth paying to keep your beloved pup safe and happy till your return. 

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