20 Vines That Produce Stunning Pink Flowers

Written by Alanna Davis
Published: March 5, 2024
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When temperatures warm, many gardeners begin brainstorming what to plant for the upcoming season. While some people enjoy growing fruits and vegetables, others are passionate about colorful flowers. If you’re looking to add a pop of pink to your garden this year, allow this article to help you decide what to plant. Here are 20 of the most beautiful pink flowers that grow from vines.

1. Climbing Roses

Roses are a garden staple for many.

©Sergey V Kalyakin/Shutterstock.com

When it comes to pink flowers that bloom from a vine, few are as beautiful as climbing roses. This plant is sure to liven up the atmosphere of any garden.

2. Sweet Peas

Fragrant pink and white sweet pea flowers climbing on the vine

In addition to being low maintenance, sweet peas are also very affordable.


Sweet peas are fragrant and beautiful blossoms that are easy to grow and maintain.

3. Pink Mandevilla

Mandevilla dipladenia plant pink flowers blossom ornamental climbing plant.

Pink Mandevilla is a beautiful tropical flower.


While some people prefer pale pink blossoms, Pink Mandevilla is quite a statement flower to add to your garden.

4. Coral Vine

Coral vine, Mexican creeper, Chain of love, Pink vine, Honolulu Creeper in garden.

Coral vine is also sometimes called “coral creeper.”


These delicate and breathtaking pink flowers are quite affordable and easy to look after.

5. Climbing Azalea

Azaleas prefer acidic soil.

©Sean Pavone/Shutterstock.com

If you’re looking to add a wealth of pink flowers to your garden, look no further than climbing azaleas.

6. Bougainvillea 

Plain Tiger or African Queen butterfly (Danaus chrysippus) on pink bougainvillea flowers. What are the characteristics of Plain Tiger butterfly? The Plain Tiger ( Danaus chrysippus ) is a medium-sized

These flowers are very drought-tolerant and don’t need constant watering.


Bougainvillea is truly the perfect flower for gardeners who are seeking to fill their garden to the brim with color. These flowers are the gift that keeps on giving, and they will grow well wherever they have room to do so.

7. Garlic Vine

Garlic vine blooming,Trumpet Flowe,Vine - Plant Photos,

Garlic vine belongs to the family Bignoniaceae.

©Martine Liu 58/Shutterstock.com

Although some people think that garlic vine is strictly purple, this blossom comes in pink shades as well.

8. Wisteria

Pink wisteria with blue sky

There are about 10 different species of wisteria.

©Sizuca Sumi/Shutterstock.com

Wisteria comes in a variety of colors, such as purple, white, and pink.

9. Climbing Hydrangea

Hydrangea serrata 'Blue bird' flowers (common names: mountain hydrangea and tea of heaven) in the garden. Pink flowers closeup

Hydrangeas are some of the most iconic flowers in the world.


Pink climbing hydrangeas add a touch of elegance to any garden. As long as you water them properly, they will bloom for months on end.

10. Morning Glory

Some pink Morning Glory (Ipomoea carnea) in the garden with blurry background.

These flowers got their name because they open during the morning.

©Christina Desitriviantie/Shutterstock.com

Morning glories love the sun. Be sure to plant these flowers in an area that gets plenty of light and water them often for the best blooms possible.

11. New Guinea Trumpet Vine

New Guinea Trumpet Vine or Forest Bell Creeper (Tecomanthe dendrophylla)

This flower is also sometimes called the “forest bell creeper.”

©Pavaphon Supanantananont/Shutterstock.com

According to the National Gardening Association, this vine can grow to be 30 feet or taller.

12. Cardinal Climbers

Cardinal creeper (Ipomoea horsfalliae) in full bloom

In order to ensure that cardinal climbers bloom to their fullest, plant them in a sunny area.

©Pavaphon Supanantananont/Shutterstock.com

Cardinal climbers are vibrant flowers that pack a punch of deep pink color. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, this flower is thought to attract butterflies.

13. Chocolate Vine

Unusual flowers of Akebia quinata

The best time to plant chocolate vine is in the spring.

©Anna Krzywania/Shutterstock.com

Although it’s called “chocolate” vine, this flower is available in shades of dusty pink as well. This is perfect for gardeners who want a subtle pop of color without growing anything too flashy.

14. Sandpaper Vine

Purple Wreath Vine (Petrea Volubilis) with blurry leaves background

The leaves of this plant have a rough texture, similar to that of sand paper.


Although sandpaper vine is typically known for its brilliant lavender hues, this plant also comes in pink varieties. However, they are somewhat rarer.

15. Hyacinth Bean

Lablab purpureus in bloom, species of bean in the family Fabaceae, hyacinth bean, bonavist pea, dolichos, seim, Egyptian kidney bean, Indian bean, bataw, Australian pea, on blue background

Hyacinth bean grows rapidly if taken care of.


In addition to being very beautiful, hyacinth bean is grown as a food source. The roots, flowers, and seeds of this plant are all edible, making it a functional addition to any garden. Just make sure you prepare them properly!

16. Podranea

Blooming woody evergreen liana Podranea Ricasoli or pink trumpet vine

Podranea is native to



©Opachevsky Irina/Shutterstock.com

Unlike other flowers we’ve discussed today, Podranea prefers to bloom in the fall. Planting this will provide gardeners with pink petals all the way until the cold begins to set in.

17. Bower Vine

Pandorea jasminoides (Lindl.) K. Schum, jasmine, bush lily. Pandorea is a genus with 8 accepted species of climbing plants, belonging to the Bignoniaceae family.

This vine can grow to be roughly 20 feet tall.


Bower vine is undeniably gorgeous. This plant boasts pale pink petals with a deep pink center, which gives it quite a unique look.

18. Bleeding Heart Vine

Closeup pink red flowers Bleeding-heart vine ,Clerodendrum thomsoniae soft selective focus for pretty background ,macro image ,delicate beauty of nature ,free copy space for letter ,tropical plants

These flowers also come in white and red varieties as well.

©Little daisy/Shutterstock.com

Bleeding heart vines get their name from their appearance, as some people think that these flowers appear to be hearts dripping blood.

19. Clematis

Clematis Montana Rose flowers near house wall. Beautiful lush flowering Clematis bloom background. Many clematis flower with yellow finger stamens in sunny day.

This flower performs best when planted in an area that gets a lot of sunshine.


Clematis is a genus that encompasses roughly 400 species of plants. Among these, quite a few of these vines produce flowers that have pink hues.

20. Pink Honeysuckle

Dense green branches of honeysuckle with pink flowers and buds on a bright sunny day. Flowering shrub. Selective focus. Blurry background. Space for text.

This flower typically blooms during the early summer.


Despite what most people think, honeysuckles come in a variety of colors, including blue. But pink is among the prettiest of them.

The photo featured at the top of this post is © Opachevsky Irina/Shutterstock.com

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