Watch a Silverback Inspire Us All With Spontaneous Full Body Dance Routine

Written by Sharon Parry
Updated: August 30, 2023
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Key Points:

  • Gorillas dwell in several areas of Africa, but in captivity, they can be seen most anywhere in the world.
  • Because their populations in the wild are threatened due to habitat loss and human activity, many zoos have breeding programs to help preserve the gorilla species.
  • In the video below, witness a gorilla doing a frisky water dance to the tune of “Maniac” from the movie soundtrack Flashdance.

Want to see a totally adorable video that will make you smile? We recommend this wonderful footage of a silverback, yes a silverback gorilla, giving a dance exhibition. Check out this guy’s moves – they are more than impressive!

Gorilla Habitat and Behavior

A male western gorilla is also called a silverback gorilla. These rare silver animals live in the western portion of Africa.

©Jurgen Vogt/

Gorillas are one of our closest living relatives and in the wild, they are found in several parts of Africa. However, they are found in captivity all over the world. They are the biggest of all the primates and like to live in rainforests and dense jungles. Sadly in many areas, their populations are threatened by human activity and habitat loss. Therefore, many zoos have breeding plans in an attempt to preserve the species. They can live for over 60 years in captivity and the mature males develop silver hairs on their lower backs which form a saddle pattern – hence the name ‘silverback’.

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They can grow to 300 and 485 pounds and reach over five and a half feet in height. Even though they are unbelievably strong and powerful, they are actually quite shy. These guys would prefer to avoid confrontation if they can. Gorillas tend to live in family groups that have male leaders – either a father and son or a pair of brothers. The rest are females and younger individuals. They are mainly herbivores and eat most parts of plants including twigs and buds which they are able to pick off with their ‘hands’.

Silverback Dance-off Routine

Silver Animals - Silverback Gorilla
Sometimes bored zoo animals, like this gorilla, will resort to entertaining antics.


Take a closer look at some gorilla dance moves. With ‘Maniac’ from the movie ‘Flashdance’ pounding in the background, our gorilla friend is living his best life in a huge tub of water. He twirls, crouches, and pounds the water, sending it all over the enclosure. This is not an animal that you would want in your bathtub at home!

He takes a break and brushes his hands across the surface of the water, clearly enjoying the sensation on his palms. Obviously, the video has been edited to repeat his movements and to keep the action in time with the music, but the pure joy is so real. Gorilla dancing should be a thing!

Watch the Entertaining Video Here:

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