Whippet Colors: Rarest to Most Common

smiling Whippet sits in the forest with an orange maple leaf in his mouth and looks at the camera
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Written by Sammi Caramela

Updated: January 21, 2024

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Are you considering adopting a Whippet into your family? This medium-sized dog breed makes the ideal first dog for aspiring owners. Quiet and gentle pets, Whippets are incredibly intelligent and great with kids and families. Not only that, but Whippets come in a variety of gorgeous colors and markings.

Whippets are also one of the lowest-shedding dog breeds. As a result, despite not being classified as hypoallergenic, they typically don’t offend those with asthma or allergies. The only time they really shed is during autumn and spring, as this is when they change their coats. During these seasons, prioritize weekly brushing for the pup. Otherwise, they’re relatively low maintenance. 

Here are some of the rarest and most common Whippet colors, as well as unique markings.

Rare Whippet Colors

Looking for a Whippet with a unique coat? Here are some of the rarest (yet beautiful) Whippet colors.

Two English Whippets

Whippets come in various colors and markings, some more common than others.

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The rarest Whippet color is dun, which is a chocolatey, golden-tan tone. Many people confuse dun with fawn (a more common Whippet coloring), but dun tends to be more chocolate-brown or reddish than fawn, which is typically tan or creamy. Whippets with dun-colored coats usually have pink or brown noses.

Pure White

While many Whippets are part white, part another color, an all-white Whippet is actually quite rare. These Whippets have a sleek, eye-catching appearance that’s sure to impress. Not only that, but the white or cream-colored fur also makes their eyes pop.


Blue Whippets likely aren’t the color you imagine when you hear the word “blue.” Pups with this colored fur tend to have a shiny coat that’s diluted black or even greyish in color. These Whippets actually have a specific gene that turns their black coat into a bluish-grey color. 

Common Whippet Colors

Interested in a more classic coat on your pup? Here are some of the most common Whippet colors and base colors.

Whippets are playful yet gentle dogs, making them the perfect family dog.

©WhippieGamer / CC BY-SA 4.0 – Original / License


As mentioned earlier, fawn Whippets are often confused with dun-colored Whippets. However, those with fawn coats are usually lighter in color, ranging from cream to tan. Fawn also often acts as a base color, with many Whippets boasting unique coat patterns and markings.


Another common base color for Whippets is red. Keep in mind that we aren’t referencing “Clifford the Big Red Dog”-red. In the Whippet’s case, a red coat is more golden and rusty in color. This is one of the most stunning Whippet colors you can find — and thankfully, one of the most common, too.


Similar to red coats, orange coats appear rusty in color, though a bit less deep in its hue. Orange Whippets are captivating, and their peachy color gives them a warm and adventurous flare. Especially during autumn when the leaves are changing, this exquisite coat radiates natural beauty and positive, playful energy.


Tan is another common coat color for this dog breed, boasting a soft, medium-brown shade. With their light and short fur, tan Whippets often appear more well-groomed and even muscular, as you can notice their natural build through the sleek coat. 


Black dogs in general have an undeniably charming, elegant appearance that makes them stand out among canines of other coats. However, a Whippet’s short black fur highlights the breed’s slim yet sturdy build. Not only that, but this dapper coat radiates a sense of power, status, and strength.

Common Whippet Markings

Whippets are known for their distinctive, fascinating markings. Here are some of the most common Whippet coat markings. 


Whippets with brindle markings typically have one of the above common base coats with black or blueish stripes. These streaks add a unique, tiger-like appearance to the pups. 


Many Whippets have special markings on their face that make them look like they’re wearing a mask. These mask-like markings can come in various colors, such as gray, tan, black, and even blue. This gives the pups a mischievous, endearing look. 


Parti-colored Whippets are those with multicolored coats. Typically, a parti-colored Whippet has a base color of white mixed with another common color such as tan, black, or fawn. These multicolored Whippets have beautiful coats that help them stand out from others in their breed. 

Whippet Coat Variations

As stated above, Whippets come in a variety of colors, from blue to white to fawn, and markings, from brindle to parti-color. Some varieties are more difficult to find than others (such as blue coats vs. tan coats), but each is unique and beautiful in its own way.

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