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How to Train Your Dalmatian: The # Best Methods and Tips Picture

Dalmatians are such an incredible dog breed that multiple movies have been made about these spotted canines. They have plenty of energy and are shockingly smart. Whether you're doing your… Read More

By Kirstin Harrington 1 hour ago

The 5 Most Stunningly Scenic Drives in Oregon Picture

Oregon is a really wild and gorgeous state with some of the best views in the U.S. in every direction. It is a place where taking a scenic Sunday drive… Read More

By Katie Downey 2 hours ago

February Full Moon: Timing, History, and Rituals Picture

Each lunar cycle lasts 29.5 days, and every month brings a new full moon — with some months (rarely) bringing two. Full moons symbolize reflection and practice gratitude for all… Read More

By Sammi Caramela 2 hours ago

61 Cities Around the Globe That Start With L Picture

There are an overwhelming number of cities in the world, and how a city is defined changes by country. In this article, a city is a population center with over… Read More

By Kristen Holder 5 hours ago

Discover the Country Known as the “Chocolate Capital of the World” Picture

Chocolate is a very delicious thing. It comes from the cocoa bean that hails from Mexico. You could do a lot of things with chocolate, from chocolate milk to chocolate… Read More

By Patrick MacFarland 5 hours ago

The Top 7 Wealthiest Counties in Minnesota (and Who Lives There) Picture

Minnesota is known for having thousands of lakes, its harsh winters, and many more things like spam, the Mall of America, and being a major hub in the Midwest. Besides… Read More

By Patrick MacFarland 5 hours ago

This Croc Found Out What It’s Like to Be Dragged Into the Water by a Predator Picture

Crocodiles and caiman are both members of the Crocodilia order and the unfortunate individual in this clip is likely a caiman. It has got on the wrong side of this… Read More

By Sharon Parry 6 hours ago

8 of the Holiest Animals of the World’s Religions Picture

Many cultures of the world have attached spiritual significance to certain animals. Some have even worshipped and sacrificed to those animals. Here are some of the best examples of sacred… Read More

By Drew Wood 6 hours ago

Lone Serval Cat Takes on Four Grown Cheetahs And Wins Picture

Don’t let the adorable face of the serval cat fool you. These long-necked mammals are fierce protectors of their territory. And as we can see from the video attached above,… Read More

By Hannah Crawford 8 hours ago

26 Countries Where Amazon Operates in 2024 Picture

Since its inception in 1995, Amazon revolutionized online shopping with its fast shipping and huge catalogs of merchandise to choose from. The company launched from Seattle, Washington and now operates… Read More

By Carlee Parsley 9 hours ago

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