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Discover the 6,000lb Woolly Rhinoceros With a Deadly 5ft Horn Picture

Unlike the rhinoceros we see today, the Woolly Rhinoceros had thick and shaggy hair covering them. This was probably due to the fact that they lived in ice — though… Read More

By Cedric Jackson 1 hour ago

What Were Cave Lions, The 12-Foot-Long Top Ice Age Predator? Picture

Known by many names, including the Eurasian Cave Lion and the European Cave Lion, Panthera leo spelaea (or P. spelaea) is a species of large cats that lived from about… Read More

By Abdulmumin Akinde 2 hours ago

How Much To Cremate a Dog And What Else To Expect Picture

Losing a pet is an unfortunate occurrence. However, it is a reality that most pet owners will have to face at some point because most people outlive their pets. Although… Read More

By Abdulmumin Akinde 2 hours ago

Yes, Dogs Can Eat Avocado! Here’s Why Picture

Who can resist those big puppy eyes staring at us while we eat avocado? When Spike drools all over the place as we chop up avocado in the kitchen, do… Read More

By Marisa Wilson 2 hours ago

Discover the Official Wettest Place in the United States Picture

Rain is an essential component of Earth's water cycle, necessary for all life on the planet. Rainfall is the primary means by which water from the heavens falls to Earth,… Read More

By Taiwo Victor 2 hours ago

Chukar vs Quail: What Are 8 Key Differences? Picture

The chukar partridge, or chukar/chakor for short, is a Palearctic upland gamebird in the Phasianidae family. This bird inhabits sections of the Middle East and Asia's temperate regions. Several genera… Read More

By Jennifer Gaeng 4 hours ago

Which Ticks Carry Lyme Disease? Picture

In the spring and summer months, many people are eager to get out of the house and into nature. However, warmer weather brings more than humans to the great outdoors,… Read More

By Peralee Knight 7 hours ago

Shih Poo vs Shih Tzu: Key Differences Explained Picture

Shih Tzus are purebred dogs, while Shih Poos are born when a Shih Tzu and Toy Poodle mate. This makes Shih Tzus a little more predictable than Shih Poo puppies,… Read More

By Katelynn Sobus 7 hours ago

Shetland Sheepdog vs Australian Shepherd: What Are The Differences? Picture

Shetland Sheepdogs and Australian Shepherds have a lot in common, including cute nicknames—they’re commonly known as Shelties and Aussies, respectively. Shelties tend to have higher grooming needs due to their… Read More

By Katelynn Sobus 8 hours ago

Bryde’s Whale vs Blue Whale: Key Differences Explained Picture

Whales are the undisputed largest creatures on earth! Of all the types of whales, baleen whales are the largest. Two types of baleen whales, Bryde's whales, and blue whales are… Read More

By Colby Maxwell 9 hours ago

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