American Cocker Spaniel Animal Pictures

Canis lupus

American Cocker Spaniel standing near lake
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white and black american cocker spaniel dog

White and black American Cocker Spaniel dog
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Portrait of nice American Cocker Spaniel
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While Lady's inspiration came from an animator's dog, Walt Disney got the idea for Tramp from Ward Greene's short story Happy Dan, The Whistling Dog.

American Cocker Spaniel dog running outdoors
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red and white american cocker spaniel puppy

Red and white American Cocker Spaniel puppy
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American Cocker Spaniel, 8 years old, lying in front of white background
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Types of Retriever Dogs
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A Corkie is a fairly energetic, small to medium-sized dog. The Corkie is a cross between an American Cocker Spaniel and a Yorkshire Terrier.

American Cocker Spaniel on a green grass
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American Cocker Spaniel puppy at 7 weeks

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American Cocker Spaniel at the Cloisters City Park in Morro Bay, California

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