Basset Hound Animal Pictures

Canis lupus

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Portrait of a purebred basset hound
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Bonnie van den Born - License Information.

Basset hound outside Basset Hound
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Basset Hound standing on grass
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basset hound

Basset Hound sitting on a table
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With their short legs, basset hounds are ideal for scent tracking of small animals and anything that might be close to the ground and they make excellent search and rescue dogs.

Basset Hound puppy with sad eyes
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Some basset hounds have black patterns on their face that makes it look like they are wearing a dark mask.

Basset Hound, 1 year old, standing in front of white background
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basset hound, 2 years, Constable MacArthur de la cle du verne in his pedigree called
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Basset hound
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Basset Hound bicolor
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Basset hound puppy running toward the camera. Shallow depth of field

Basset Hound, Puppy, 2015, Animal, Animal Body Part
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