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Bos Taurus

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Herd of cattle in a field
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A British White cow at the Romsey Show

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steer vs bull
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Do Cows Have Upper Teeth - Molars
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Cow Teeth - Diagram of Their Teeth
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Do Cows Have Upper Teeth = Cow Mouth
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steer vs bull
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Cows kill more than 20 people in the United States each year, and the cause of death is most often blunt force trauma to the head or chest. Most victims are farmworkers who are trampled, crushed, or gored.

Smallest Animals: Cows Cow and calf (Vechur Cattle) in the field

steer vs bull
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The tiny gentle Vechur cows were so greatly valued that at one time well wishers presented them as wedding gifts

Minecraft Animal: Moobloom
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steer vs bull
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