Dickinsonia Animal Pictures

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Hollows left by Dickinsonia specimens in seafloor mats. Dickinsonia are species in the Ediacara biota. It was a worm-like animal that grew by adding body segments up to 80.

Dickinsonia fossils
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The first discovery of the Dickinsonia fossils was in 1947 in South Australia by Ilya Bobrovskiy a PhD student from the Australian National University.

Dickinsonia fossil illustration. Ancient fossil from the Ediacaran Period Sketch with ink and blue shades

dickinsonia 2
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The Dickinsonia lived during the late Ediacaran period and likely went extinct after this period when the earth’s oceans went completely anoxic proposed by researchers.

prehistoric under water life form

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The Dickinsonia absorbs food from the bottom of their bodies because they are a stem-group protozoan.