Goby Fish Animal Pictures

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Blue Neon Dwarf Goby (Stiphodon percnopterygionus)

Blue Neon Dwarf Goby
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The Blue Neon Dwarf Goby is a rare fish that's native to Japan. The males have bright blue neon accents.

Smallest fish in the world: Midget dwarf goby

The Midget dwarf goby is one of the smallest fish in the world, reaching a length of .39 inches.

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Smallest fish in the world: Dwarf pygmy goby
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The Dwarf pygmy goby has a transparent body with a slightly orangish tinge.


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The Mottled Shrimp-goby is white with orange spots that are outlined in brown. They have a symbiotic relationship with alpheid shrimp, nearly blind shrimp that dig dens that they share with the gobys.

Round goby

Round goby
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There are invasive colonies of round gobies in America's Great Lakes.